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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Performance Summary
Achievements for 2012/13
Fringe Festival Grants Program
The Town of Gawler recognises the contribution that the
arts makes to the vibrancy of a community. For the first
time this year, Council introduced a grants program to
support community groups, individuals and businesses
to support events in Gawler for the 2013 Fringe Festival.
The grants program has stimulated activity and interest
not only the Fringe Festival, but arts as a whole.
Christmas Carols
In 2012 Council hosted the Gawler Carols and funding for
this event will continue next year. Council is appreciative
to the many community members who worked behind the
scenes who make this event possible.
Gawler Public Library joins the state wide One Card
Library Management System
Gawler Public Library joined the One Card system on
Thursday 6 June 2013. This was the result of six (6)
months of intensive planning that included the transfer of
some 100,000s of records to the new state wide library
management system. Library users now have direct
access to over three (3) million library items across South
Australian Public Libraries. Daily courier movements
have significantly increased as borrowers take good
advantage of this increase in service level.
Extension of service at Evanston Gardens Branch
After community consultation, the opening hours of the
Evanston Gardens Branch Library was extended by an
additional four hours per week commencing 12 October
2012. This increase in service was in line with the
commitment in the Evanston Gardens Community Centre
Business Plan that the branch library would continue to
open additional hours each year. The branch library is
now open a total of 12 hours on Tuesdays and Fridays.
The Mayor officially launched the extended hours as part
of the Every Generation celebrations that were held in
the branch library on 16 October. Entitled “Something
to see @ Evanston Gardens Branch Library” the event
highlighted the Library as a sight impaired friendly venue.
View tables and figures relating to the Gawler Public
Library on page 43.
National Youth Week 2013
Two significant family friendly events were held in Gawler
during National Youth Week (5-14 April). Gawler’s young
people expressed their ideas and opinions at these
events which celebrated and recognised their value
to the Gawler community. These events involved the
Gawler Youth Advisory Committee and local service
clubs. Other Youth Week Activities in 2013 included:
• Performing urban artist KG and Blue Light disco
• Fun in the Park and Outdoor Cinema
• Service Club Expo for Young People
• School Break Up Party and Outdoor Cinema
• Hero’s Supa Skate Session
Youth Film Festival
The 2012 Film Festival provides a stepping stone for
young film makers from our region into the film industry.
A public screening evening was held at St Brigids
Catholic Primary School and the winner of the Film
Festival is pursuing a film career interstate. The event
was well supported by film makers and the public.
Gawler Youth Advisory Committee (Gawler Youth AC)
Gawler Youth AC recognises and voices the issues,
views and ideas of young people and promotes a positive
image of youth within the Gawler community. The Gawler
Youth AC aims to serve the community and act in an
advisory capacity to the staff and Elected Members of the
Town of Gawler to acknowledge the purpose and place of
young people in Gawler.
This year, the Gawler Youth AC:
• Played a lead role in advocating for the new Youth
Development Officer who was appointed in December
• Volunteered at the 2013 Australia Day Breakfast, with
the Deputy Chair taking out the Young Young Citizen
of the Year Award.
• Provided a total of 180 volunteer hours to support
and run the 2013 Youth Week activities. Youth Week
would not have been possible without this Committee.
• Represented youth on the Child and Youth Friendly
Greater Gawler Action Group.
Review Barossa Zone Emergency Centre response
The Town of Gawler, in conjunction with the Mallala,
Light Regional and Barossa Councils, completed a
review of the procedure for responding to Barossa
Zone Emergency Centre activations. The Barossa
Zone Emergency Centre is managed by the South
Australian Police and becomes operational during
times of large scale emergencies. The role of Local
Government in the Barossa Zone Emergency Centre
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