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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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is to support the emergency services, provide local
knowledge and resources as required.
Rally SA Event
The Gawler Showground Precinct hosted the inaugural
Rally SA Gawler Super Special Stage as part of the
Australian Rally Championships. The event held
on the night of 24 May involved a course within the
Showgrounds and along Patterson Terrace. Numerous
community and local sporting organisations assisted in
the planning and implementation of the event that will
return to Gawler in 2014.
2012/13 Season at Gawler Aquatic Centre
The year’s swim season (October to April) at the Aquatic
Centre was a great success with the Centre attracting
in excess of 50,000 visitors for the first time. There was
an increase in the ‘learn to swim’ and ‘water safety’
programs with an internal school holiday ‘learn to swim’
program in January. This complemented the existing
VACSWIM and the Swim School program that attracted
record enrolments in Term 1, 2013. The Gawler Aquatic
Centre hosted three swimming carnivals during the
season including the 2013 South Australian Country
Swimming Championships.
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relating to the Gawler Aquatic Centre on page 42.
The Town of Gawler recognises the significant and
valuable contribution that volunteers provide in the
delivery of council programs and services for the
community. Achievements seen this year include the
implementation of the Volunteer Squared database (V2),
an on-going long term project and the annual delivery
of Volunteer Recognition activity. This activity includes
organising National Volunteer Week, International
Volunteers Day, an end of year/Christmas celebration
and other recognition activities.
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relating to volunteering on page 41.
Home Assist and Community Care (HACC)
On Thursday 14 March, 2013, the Town of Gawler
held its second Ageing in Style Expo. The aim of the
Expo was to showcase the diverse range of activities
and services available in the local area, with a primary
focus on increasing the connection and participation of
the aged within the Gawler community. The event was
designed to provide information and advice for seniors
and to give them opportunities to try something new.
The Gawler Home Assist and Community Care team
continue to provide quality services to older and younger
disabled community members. Being located the Elderly
Centre enhances the teams connection with the local
View table and figures relating to the HACC
program on page 40.
Emu Crossing / Para Road Evanston
Following the closure of Evanston Primary School and
the redevelopment of the former High School into the
Gawler and District College (B/12), there has been a
significant increase of students crossing Para Road. With
some financial assistance from the State Government,
Council has installed an Emu Crossing south of the
railway level crossing on Para Road to enable students
attending the Gawler and District College to safely cross
the road during peak arrival and departure times.
Gawler South local area traffic management
The installation for a raised central dividing island on
Gawler Terrace (South) at the intersection with Seventh
Street has completed the implementation of the
recommendations of the Local Area Traffic Management
Plan approved by Council. Apart from a need for minor
adjustment to the location of the whole line on Fourth
Street at the intersection with Fifth Street, this part of
Gawler South has been trouble free and residents have
been accepting of the revised Traffic Management Plan.
Future Plans
Community Grants
Town of Gawler Community Grants will be re-launched
in 2013/14 with a number of smaller grants being
consolidated into a single Community Development
Grant. The grant aims to stimulate community
development and participation through the support of
cultural and community projects, events and activities
occurring within the Town of Gawler. The co-contribution
grants will be provided for projects and activities in
the following areas - community development, art and
culture, recreation and sport, health and environmental.
Community Plan
Next year Council will develop a 10 year vision
for Gawler and invites all community members to
contribute their thoughts and views on what this vision
might include. To achieve this, Council will roll out a
significant community consultation process over the
next six months.
Community input is vital to ensure that community
aspirations are not only captured but accurately
reflected in the development of Councils Strategic/
Community Plan. This Plan will be a guide for Council
to deliver the services and programs that will create a
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