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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 4
• summary • strategic directions • statutory information • index
While annual reporting is a mandatory requirement
under the Local Government Act 1999, Council
embraces this requirement as an opportunity to
demonstrate its commitment to open, transparent
and accountable governance.
The Town of Gawler continues to demonstrate
a commitment to working with the community,
business and industry, developing our region to its
full potential.
The Annual Report is divided into three main
Section 1 - Report Summary
A summary containing information on Council and
Section 2 - Strategic Directions
Outlines performance against the Strategic Plan,
including achievements, challenges and future
Section 3 - Statutory Information
Contains the statutory requirements for Annual
Reports as governed by the
Local Government Act
of South Australia.
Purpose of the Annual Report
Council’s performance against delivery of programs
are illustrated by the symbols below.
In progress/ongoing
Not commenced or deferred
Other documents that complement the Annual Report
2012/13 NAWMA Annual Report
(Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority)
2012/13 GRFMA Annual Report
(Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority)
Holly Aldridge at Spellbound Magical Gifts -
Murray Street, Gawler
Graham and Annemarie Brookman - Food Forest
Cr Karen Redman facilitating at Gawler Connect
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