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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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Performance Summary
Achievements for 2012/13
Energy audits
In November 2012 Energy Efficiency Audits were
undertaken at eight (8) of Councils largest sites to
identify opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions and running costs. The audits identified
significant energy reductions were possible by
implementing a variety of measures. Council has
been successful in obtaining funding from the
Australian Government to implement many of the
energy efficiency measures identified including lighting
modifications, time control on appliances and changes
to heating and cooling equipment.
Air Conditioner Replacement Program
Council has a significant number of air conditioners that
require ongoing maintenance and replacement. To assist
Council to decide when the air conditioners should be
replaced, an audit was undertaken in 2011 to establish
age, condition and replacement year. This year, four
(4) air conditioners were replaced at the Elderly Centre
with energy efficient models that also included pre-set
temperature control to further improve the environmental
performance of the units.
Structural Repairs - multi level car park
As part of its maintenance regime Council contractors
undertook minor repairs to cracking on the edges of the
floor slabs on the upper levels of the Multi Level Car
Park. Repairs to 10 slab / balustrade connections was
Replacement of taps to mixers
To reduce its use of water Council replaced existing taps
with chrome finished, self-closing, delay tap faucets,
with push down timed flow control and automatic shut off
function in various Council buildings.
Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
In May 2013 an Energy and Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Inventory Report was completed for the
2011/12 Financial Year. The report identified the
largest energy consumption and emissions generating
activities by Council are:
• Electricity
• Fuel
• Waste
Replacement of single flush to dual flush toilets
Council swapped single flush toilets to dual flush toilets
at the Town Hall, Sport and Community Centre and
Dead Mans Pass Reserve.
Town Centre / Alternate Heavy Vehicle Route
Pavement Upgrade - Stage 2
This project covered Reid Street, Light Square
and Cowan Street. The scope of work included
the upgrade of pavements for heavy loadings, the
realignment of kerb/gutters to accommodate heavy
vehicle turning circles and the upgrading of pedestrian
access and crossing. Traffic Management design
work for the Alternative Heavy Vehicle Route Stage
2 was completed in 2012/13. Construction phase will
commence in 2013.
Clean Up Australia Day
As in previous years the Town of Gawler participated in
Clean Up Australia Day 2013. Council assisted registered
community groups participate on the day by picking up
and disposing of the rubbish collected. Council looks
forward to the 2014 event and providing ongoing support
to the community to keep Gawler free of rubbish.
Asbestos inspections
In April 2013 Council engaged contractors to undertake
inspections of Council owned buildings that contain
asbestos. This work is a regulatory requirement of the
Work Health and Safety Act 2012 ensuring Council
buildings are maintained in a safe manner for all users
and occupants.
Implementation of a Asset Management Information
In 2012/13 the AssetMaster Asset Management
Information System (AMIS) was implemented for the
management of Council infrastructure assets. The
system provides essential asset information output for
effective management of risk with optimum infrastructure
maintenance and/or refurbishment. The system records
the physical attribute of an asset, information such as
condition, valuation and any maintenance or other activity
carried out on the asset. The system manages both the
physical and financial data of assets enabling reports
to be prepared for the Asset Manager and the Finance
Department. Currently roads, footpaths, kerbing and
stormwater asset data is recorded in AssetMaster. Other
asset classes: bridges, culverts, roundabouts, buildings,
and open space will be progressively entered into the
AMIS data base.
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