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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 48
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The AMIS is also be used to carry out all revaluation,
capitalisation, disposal and depreciation processing of
infrastructure assets recorded in the system.
Annual Rubble Re-sheeting Program - Ormsby Road
Council completed rubble re-sheeting of approximately
4,200m2 of unsealed road this year. Outcome of works
provided a safe trafficable road surface that will be
easily maintained to acceptable service levels. Scope
of the works included clearing of silt and debris from the
watertables, pegging alignment of roadway, ripping and
watering of the existing road surface and the spreading,
grading, watering and compaction of rubble to a depth of
approximately 100mm.
Annual Asphalt Road Resealing Program 2012-13
The Town of Gawler has a requirement to maintain the
structural integrity of the asphalt sealed roads within the
Council area to a trafficable standard that is acceptable
to the community and affordable to Council. The scope
of the work requires planning of the surface asphalt and
resurfacing with 30mm deep new asphaltic. The road
sections resealed during 2012-13 are:
• Barnet Street - between Warhurst Street and Hillier
• Para Road - between roundabout and railway line
• Sixth Street - between Adelaide Road and 4th St
(including 4th St intersection)
• Ayling Street - between Redbanks Road and Bright
• Bright Street - between Ayling Street and Treloar
Street (including junction of Treloar St)
• Melaleuca Drive - between Cheek Ave and the bend
Gawler River (Gosford Street) Stormwater Outlet
Rehabilitation Project
The rehabilitation of a badly eroded Gawler River
stormwater outlet servicing Gosford Street near the old
Roseworthy Rail Bridge was completed successfully
in late 2012. Work was carried out on time and within
budget allowing the mulching and planting out of the
reinstated river slope to occur early spring 2013. The
project was inclusive of installing a trash rake on the new
outlet structure.
Food Forest / Gawler River Bank Rehabilitation
This rehabilitation project was required to correct a
serious erosion issue for the Gawler River at the Food
Forest Site. The bank erosion had deteriorated and
any future flood event would have caused further
serious erosion of the river bank. On behalf of the
Natural Resource Management (NRM) Board Council
commissioned a specialist consultant to design a bank
rehabilitation and stabilisation solution that would ensure
future erosion issues were eliminated. Council staff
negotiated a partnering and funding arrangement with
the NRM. The project was successfully carried out by
the use of a combination of subcontractors and Council’s
own operational crews. Work commenced late summer
2013 and was completed within time and budget. Work
was inclusive of slope reinstatement, placement of
armour rock and replanting the slope in consultation with
the local property owner.
Cooper Road stormwater erosion control
This project will eliminate water erosion and scouring
to the existing road reserve and to permit all weather
access to residential properties.
Detailed scope of works included the realignment of
existing watertables and driveway entrances and hand
placement of geotextile fabric and rock. Minor earthworks
included re-laying of indirect residential water services
and the re-seeding of shoulder sections and minor rubble
re-sheeting of the roadway surface.
Clonlea Reserve stormwater outlet erosion works
This rehabilitation project was required to correct a
serious erosion issue for the Gawler East Stormwater
Outlet within Clonlea Reserve. The erosion was at
a stage that significant River Gum trees were being
threatened and a high level of silt contamination was
entering the North Para River. Council staff negotiated a
partnering arrangement with the local NRM Board and
a joint funding arrangement on a 50/50 cost share basis
was agreed to. The project was successfully carried out
by Council’s own operational crews and was completed
within time and budget. Work was inclusive of slope
reinstatement, removal of woody weeds, replanting of
slopes construction of settlement pond, rock chute and
installation of trash rake.
Development Application information
Council’s planning department has assessed and
approved a number of major development applications
within Gawler which reinforces the area’s significance
as a growth area within the state. Major developments
that were either in application form or involved on-ground
works this year include –
• Orleana Waters
• Aspire
• Gawler Green
• Springwood
• Old Spot Hotel
• Urban Tree Fund
• Aged Care Facilities
• Martindale
• Southern Cross Care
• Trevu
• Gawler Aged Care Cottages
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