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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 49
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Also, weekly Development Application overview sheets
have been developed and are now placed on the Town
of Gawler website every Monday afternoon. These
sheets list the progress of all applications of significance
being assessed by Council at any given time. In addition,
a review of the way in which regulated and significant
tree development applications are processed occurred,
which has resulted in all applications for the pruning
and removal of such trees to be assessed first by an
independent arboriculture expert.
Further, a development application fast track process is
now under development, and once finalised will allow
high-volume applicants to undertake a standardised
self-check list of their development application (for
planning consent) in new development areas. This
then allows quicker processing of the development
application by Council.
View tables and figures relating
to development applications on page 52.
New Development Assessment Panel (DAP)
A new development assessment panel was appointed
by Council in May 2013. Amuch larger response than
normal was had from the expression of interest process,
given the much wider level of promotion that this
recruitment process had. This followed a new selection
process, which allowed greater analysis of an applicant’s
skills and qualifications. The new DAP members are –
• Mr Bruce Ballantyne (Presiding Member)
• Mr Graham Brookman
• Ms Fleur Bowden
• Mr Simon Zeller
We would also like to acknowledge the dedication
and commitment of members of the Development
Assessment Panel whose term finished this year. Those
members are:
• Mr Roland Chatterton
• Ms Sharon Jardine
• Ms Patricia Dent OAM
• Mr Malcolm Ballinger
• Cr Adrian Shackley
Future Plans
Gawler Bridge Minor Structural Repairs Program
Tenders were called in June 2013 for minor repairs
to the Gawler Bridge. Repairs are expected to be
undertaken in September 2013.
Gawler Going Green
Gawler Going Green is a project funded under
the Australian Government Community Energy
Efficiency Program. The project will implement the
recommendations from the energy audits undertaken
in 2012 and will include a component of community
education relating to energy efficiency. Gawler Going
Green will be implemented over a 2 year period with
the project to commence in early 2014.
Local Government Energy Efficiency Program
In 2013/14 Council will work with the Willaston Football
Club and the Gawler Bowling Club to install energy
efficient solar hot water systems on these sites.
These works are being funded under the Australian
Governments Local Government Energy Efficiency
Program and will result in lower operating costs for the
clubs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Establish Recreational Precinct – Reid Reserve
The South Australian Government granted Council
$500,000 for a shared path under the Open Space
The objective of this project is to deliver a community
reserve which will allow passage from the surrounding
Reid development by foot or cycle to the main shared
path that links the rest of the town, this will also link
the Stuart O’Grady cycle path with the Gawler Urban
Rivers shared paths which will eventually link the Jack
Bobridge cycle path to form a connection through to
the Barossa.
The community will be engaged through the public
consultation process in accordance with Council’s
Policy which will provide direction for landscape,
passive cycle circuits for all ages, and some open
space facilities.
Rehabilitation of river bank – North Para River
To stop further erosion of the river bank at this site
minor reshaping work will be undertaken, followed
by lining and placement of armour rock. The upper
slopes and surrounding side areas will be replanted to
protect from future erosion issues.
Elliot Goodger Memorial Park (Willaston Oval)
Stormwater Drainage Project
Installation of approximately 223m of new pipe and
construction of a water retention basin adjacent the
oval to alleviate water lying in the area was completed.
This work will be followed by regrading the existing car
park and pathway.
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