Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 50

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 50
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strategic directions
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Murray Street Upgrade Stage 4, 5, 6 and 7
Council engaged engineering consultants to finalise
the design for Murray Street intersection with Calton
Road and a call for tenders occurred to complete this
work. Upgrade of Murray Street is underway with the
construction of underground stormwater, footpath,
kerbing and installations of two (2) pedestrian refuges.
Gawler Mill Inn (Adelaide Road) Major Bridge
Repair and Maintenance
Council engaged qualified contractors to carry out
repairs to the bridge as identified in a structural
inspection carried out this year. Work will commence in
September 2013.
Demolition of Grandstand
Council previously had it its budget to demolish the
grandstand at Gawler Oval due to safety concerns,
this project was put on hold pending the outcome of
the funding submission by Greyhound Racing SA to
revitalise their facilities. It is now intended to demolish
the grandstand within the 2013/14 budget.
Animal Management Plan
In 2013/14 Council will commence development of its
Animal Management Plan. This Plan will guide animal
management within the Town of Gawler until 2017.
The Plan must cover dogs and cats however it will also
include other types of animals such as feral pigeons
or other pests that are having a significant community
Development Assessment
Investigations and costings into the introduction of
an electronic lodgement system for Development
Applications will occur. This will allow applicants to lodge
Development Applications, and pay fees remotely at any
time. This has the potential to provide greater efficiencies
to Council, through easier record-keeping and less time-
consuming lodgement processes.
Further, a review to create a more effective building
assessment process is proposed, to ensure all statutory
building inspection obligations are met, providing a high-
level and responsive building rules assessment process.
In a similar vein, a review of the local heritage service
contract has occurred, which will enable a new tender to
be issued next year.
The level of delegations to staff will be reviewed, to
ensure that they reflect current community expectations
and to determine the various impacts on workloads
posed by delegation levels. Similarly, the streamlining of
the Land Management Agreement (LMA) process is seen
as an important issue, given the many LMA’s Council
deals with each year. A review will be undertaken to
determine the best and most effective approach for the
development of and alterations to LMA’s.
Finally, customer contact methods will be improved,
including response times. Systems will be developed to
better record and take note customer contact, to ensure
that customers queries are followed up or referred to the
relevant sections of Council.
Gawler Water Reuse Project
Gawler Water Reuse Project will harvest urban
stormwater into wetlands where it will be cleaned,
prior to being injected into an aquifer for storage. The
water will then be extracted for supply to be delivered
to Council reserves, sports fields, school ovals and for
use in industrial areas.
The Project benefits and objectives are to:
• reduce the demand for potable water by up to 800
• reduce the impact of urban runoff on local
waterways and ecosystems, and
• improved amenity of community ovals and sports
The reused water will provide high quality irrigated
urban environments which foster outdoor activity with
associated health benefits. Reduced cost demand
on the Council’s budgets provide a range of water
benefits which further enhance social well-being.
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