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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
introduction • summary •
strategic directions
• statutory information • index
Strategy: Innovative urban planning
Regulated trees
Development Assessment –
Improve efficient processing of development applications (planning),
through use of checklists and improved internal processes.
Development Act inspections
Carry out inspections of all swimming pools in the area and all
legislated building site inspections.
Responding to Development
Assessment customer queries
Implement systems to track, monitor and record customer queries to
the Development Assessment section.
Strategy: Good quality open space that responds to community needs and attracts use
An estimated 214ha of reserves is mowed within Council including
sporting grounds, irrigated park and natural reserves.
Clonlea reserve erosion control
Street tree maintenance
The Arboriculture Team maintains all street trees, including removal
of dead wood and dangerous branches, low foliage and formative
Park tree maintenance
Council undertakes regular maintenance to ensure our park trees
remain healthy and can be enjoyed by all.
Playground maintenance
Twelve playgrounds are inspected, audited and maintained on a
monthly basis.
Strategy: Sustainable asset management
Annual Asphalt Road Resealing
The Town of Gawler has a requirement to maintain the structural
integrity of the asphalt sealed roads within the Council area to a
trafficable standard that is acceptable to the community and affordable
to Council.
Existing Footpath Reseal Annual
Ongoing project to reseal existing footpaths was completed.
Kerb and gutter renewal
280m of kerb and gutter replaced. Note: Project delayed/reallocation to
Adelaide Road.
Footpath maintenance
700m² of footpath has been maintained including potholes and small
Kerb and gutter maintenance
800m has been replaced due to damage.
Road grading
81km of un-constructed road maintenance has been conducted.
Stormwater drainage maintenance Cleaning of gross pollutant traps and drainage systems.
Asset Management Program and
Asset Management Software system operational.
The below chart is a performance summary which indicates the level achieved for each project. Green indicates
completed and achieved, yellow indicates partially achieved and in progress and red indicates not achieved and
the project is about to commence.
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