Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 56

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 56
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strategic directions
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Strategic Direction 5
Organisational Excellence
The potential for rapid growth and reform around service
delivery will require efficient and well managed Council
programs that are adequately resourced and underpinned by
strong Council governance.
The performance status of each objective outlined in
the 2012/13 Delivery Program is illustrated by the below
In progress
Not commenced
or deferred
Marie Bickley Senior Customer Services Officer
Outcome 5.1:
Sustainable Financial Management
Strategy 5.1.1 - Prudent financial management with performance improvements over time
Strategy 5.1.2 - Partnerships that facilitate linkages between service providers, adjoining Councils, other spheres of
Government, developers and other stakeholders
Strategy 5.1.3 - Balance service demand with available resources
Outcome 5.2:
Creating A Future
Strategy 5.2.1 - Leadership around key local government and community issues with long-term strategic decision making
underpinning all significant decisions
Outcome 5.3:
Responsible Government
Strategy 5.3.1 - A system of an administration and elected body representation which communicates with and represents the
diverse views of the community and delivers public value
Outcome 5.4:
Good Administration
Strategy 5.4.1 - Policies, practices and procedures to deliver excellent customer service and open decision making
Strategy 5.4.2 - Apply best-practice in ensuring Council’s legal interests are protected, risks are minimised, policies are
regularly reviewed and effective, purchasing is fair and equitable, and the workplace is fair and safe
Strategy 5.4.3 - Responsive customer services (external and internal)
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