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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 58
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strategic directions
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Provision of personal protective equipment to staff
Office staff attending outdoor, on site inspections and
meetings were issued with the appropriate clothing
and sun safe equipment, to meet Council’s policies.
Aquatic and Recreation Services
This year saw the creation of the Aquatic and Recreation
Services Business Unit with the amalgamation of the
management of the Gawler Aquatic Centre and Gawler
Sport and Community Centre. The new business unit is
also responsible for the implementation of the endorsed
Hire of Council Owned Facilities Policy that will come
into effect from 1 July 2013. The new policy will allow for
organisations, in particular community organisations to
seek a concession for the hire of council owned facilities.
Aquatic and Recreation Services team members have
also been involved in the planning and logistics of major
events at the Gawler Showground Precinct such as Rally
SA and Gawler Show.
Support the implementation of Council grants
Last year, Elected Members established a Grants
Management Panel and engaged a professional
grants writer to help secure funds for projects and
services essential to the current and growing needs
of Gawler. Appointed in July 2012, the grants writer
has sourced funding (grants) to benefit the whole
community and alleviate the increasing financial
demands on Council.
Debt management
Council implemented its Debtor Management Policy
during the 2012/13 financial year. A key feature
of this was the implementation of overdue letters,
outside of the quarterly billing cycle, for ratepayers
who had overdue rates above the prescribed policy
amount. This approach, in conjunction with other debt
collection processes outlined in the policy, facilitated
Council being able to achieve its interim performance
target of less than 6% of rates outstanding at the end
of the financial year.
Customer Action Requests Service (CARS)
Customer Action Requests are recorded in the CAR
system and forwarded to the actioning department
within 24 hours of receiving the CAR. In 2012/13 there
were 4,776 CAR’s actioned across the organisation.
Future Plans
Debt collection
An interim target of less than 6% of outstanding rate
debtors as at 30 June 2013 was met (actual result
5%). Further work, in accordance with Council’s
Debtor Management Policy, will continue towards
achieving the policy target of less than 4% outstanding
as at 30 June 2014.
Service Level Reviews
‘Stage 2’ of Service Level Reviews will be conducted
to identify opportunities for further cost reductions and
efficiencies that was ‘fast-track’ Council’s financial
aspiration of an operating break-even position.
Policy Development and Review
Council will continue to develop and review its policies,
towards ensuring it has an appropriate suite of policies
in place to guide its operational activities and to
provide consistency of community governance.
Elector Representation Review
The Elector Representation Review is close to
completion with the first public consultation period
between 6 March and 23 April 2013. Thirty six (36)
written submissions were received. The second public
consultation will be held in August 2013. The final
report is expected to be submitted to the Electoral
Commissioner SA in October 2013 for endorsement.
Review of confidential items
Council’s Governance Department continues to
review matters held in confidence on a regular
basis. Procedures are constantly being improved
and increasingly more confidential matters are being
revoked and placed in the public minute book.
Ombudsman investigations
Ombudsman investigations have led to the creation
of an Ombudsman Enquiry and Investigation
Management Policy, procedures and register.
This demonstrates Council commitment to good
governance practice and transparency.
Work Health Safety (WHS)
Council is currently revising its whole WHS system,
due to changes in legislation which came into effect
on 1 January 2013. During this time Council has
revised 59% of is WHS procedures and will have
the remaining procedures completed by the end
of the calendar year. Significant work was done
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