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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
introduction • summary •
strategic directions
• statutory information • index
with accessibility for workers to access tools and
documents on WHS information. A new switch board
was created as a one stop shop for WHS information.
Workforce Planning
Council was invited to participate in the Local
Government Association Workforce Planning Service
which enabled Council to receive assistance and
support to prepare workforce plans and development
strategies. Town of Gawler joined round four of this
project which assisted in the preparation of plans
to address skills gaps, staff retention, succession
planning, recruitment, training, mentoring, resource
sharing and collaborative initiatives and practices.
The project also offered opportunities for combining
workforce data across regions to enable regional
approaches to workforce planning and development.
Council’s workforce planing process will endeavour
to build an organisational culture which continues to
attract and retain great staff. With a high performing
culture Council will strengthen its relationship with
the business community and other partners to deliver
services efficiently and to a high standard.
2013 Local Government Managers Association
(LGMA) Emerging Leaders Program
As part of a commitment to organisational excellence,
Council has continued to deliver learning and
development opportunities to provide staff with the
capabilities required to meet current and future
business objectives.
Council has participated in the
LGMA Emerging Leaders Program.
The program aims to provide participants with the
• a greater level of comprehension and
understanding of local government and gain
increased confidence
• enhanced self-awareness
• an appreciation of and an ability to work with
different personality types
• the opportunity to challenge their assumptions.
Staff undertaking the program for 2013 are Jeannette
Lockwood (Executive Assistant) and Neil Langley
(Engineer/Technical Assistant).
Service Delivery
It is also apparent that the community expects
services to be cost effective and financially viable, all
the more since the global financial crisis. Council’s
workforce must constantly adapt to meet the
changing service expectations of the community
within budgetary constraints. The increased use of
technology and online transactions is an example of
how service provisions has changed over time.
Promoting a safe workplace
Council is currently operating a host of health and
wellbeing programs including health assessments,
information sessions and health coaching. Council
also provides access to an Employee Assistance
Program which provides confidential support to staff
for workplace and personal issues.
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