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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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Mayor’s Report
It is with pleasure that I
present my seventh report
to you for the financial year
It’s a great honour to serve
as Mayor for the Town of
Gawler. The role has afforded
me the opportunity to meet
many locals, listen to their life
stories and celebrate their role
in our community.
I thank the many members of the community who have
given me feedback this year regarding Council operations.
Community engagement and input is an essential element
of Council and we continue to seek your involvement in
decision making into the future.
The Town of Gawler’s Annual Report is a significant
public document that provides an accurate and detailed
description of the programs, functions and services
of Council. It is also a document that celebrates our
achievements of the past year - and there have been
We’ve had a lot of discussion at Council about restoring
our main street to a destination for local goods, services
and shopping and creating a distinctive village feel. This
year, Council upgraded the footpaths in the main street,
improving access for pedestrians and cycle traffic. We
have also completed a significant and strategic review of
the Town Centre that reinforced the economic, social and
historical significance of Gawler’s Town Centre.
This is a long term process. In 2014 Council will complete
a Town Centre planning process that will consider a
number of infrastructure improvements to promote private
sector investment, reinforce Murray Street as the heart of
the Town Centre and stimulate ideas for making laneways
more appealing and useable.
In Gawler, we are very fortunate to enjoy the
environmentally and culturally significant North and South
Para rivers merging into the Gawler River that meanders
through our township. Council is very committed to a
continual improvement and management program to
ensure this significant asset remains a centrepiece for our
community and visitors alike.
Work continued along the river corridors this year with
biodiversity planting, erosion and weed controls and
improvements to the shared walking and cycle path.
Residents would also appreciate the many upgrades in
community infrastructure around the town and district,
including improvements to roads and upgrades at the
Aquatic Centre and Sports and Recreation Centre.
Council will continue our schedule of capital works and
infrastructure upgrades according to our long term capital
works plan.
I wish to sincerely thank my fellow Elected Members for
their continued passion, energy and dedication to all things
Gawler. The membership has remained stable throughout
the year and all Elected Members have worked tirelessly
on many Committees to realise the vision we all have – to
make Gawler a great place to live and work now, and an
even greater place in the future!
Achievement does not occur without superior
organisational management and Council was very
pleased to appoint Henry Inat as Chief Executive Officer
in February 2013. Since his appointment, Henry has made
significant improvements to the organisational structure
that has already resulted in operating efficiencies and staff
restructuring to improve service delivery.
Finally, on behalf of all Elected Members I wish to thank
Henry and all staff at Council for your efforts over the past
12 months. Your work is much appreciated.
I commit this annual report to you and I look forward to
seeing great things for Gawler in the coming year.
Mayor Brian Sambell
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