Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 64

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 64
introduction • summary • strategic directions •
statutory information
• index
Animal Management
Cat Control
Dog Control
• barking
• dog attacks
• impounding wandering dogs
• registration
• education programs
Pest animals
Community Relations
Art Gallery Support
Art & Cultural Programs
Australia Day Awards
Australia Day Ceremony
Citizenship Ceremonies
Civic Functions
Clean Up Australia Day
Community Leadership and Advocacy
Community Organisation Support
Festivals and Events
Museums and Community History / Archives support
Reconciliation Week
Development Control
Building controls and regulation (includes swimming pools,
pergolas & toolsheds; tree removal on private property
approval; fences of certain heights and construction)
Development assessment
Heritage advice, protection and funding
Economic and Community Development
Business support / separate rate
Community Development
Economic Development
Regional/Industry partnerships
Tourism Support
Gawler Visitor Information Centre
Environmental Management
Dry zones (no/restricted alcohol zones)
Environmental Management
Bee control on Council property
European Wasp Nest Eradication
Fire hazard Prevention
Flammable Undergrowth
Flood Prevention
Noxious weed control on Council land
Nuisances control / unsanitary conditions
Rubbish collection and disposal
Septic tank controls
Shopping trolley controls
Stormwater drainage and reuse
Unsightly premises action
Litter control
Waste management; including collection of household
rubbish, green waste and recycling
External Committees / Boards / Associations
Council participates in a number of external committees,
boards and associations comprising elected members,
staff and the public. Currently they are:
Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Bushfire Management
Australian Local Government Association
Barossa Zone Emergency Centre
Barossa Zone Emergency Management Committee
Gawler Business Development Group (prev Section 42)
Gawler High School Governing Council
Gawler Community (Neighbourhood) House
Gawler and District College
Local Government Association Emergency Management
Local Government Association of South Australia
Local Government Finance Authority (LGFA)
Metropolitan Local Government Group
Northern Adelaide Zone Advisory Group
Regional Development Australia Barossa
Wakefield Group
Wakefield Group – Road Projects Subcommittee
Wakefield Group – Water Project Subcommittee
Gawler District Health Advisory Council Inc
Gawler Care and Share Group Inc
Gawler Rivers Project Advisory Working Group
Under Section 44 of the Local Government Act the
Council has delegated certain powers to the Chief
Executive Officer who may sub-delegate to staff members.
Delegated Authority is reviewed annually. Council
maintains a register of such delegations.
Services for the Community
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