Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 67

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 67
introduction • summary • strategic directions •
statutory information
• index
The following are some examples of consultation
undertaken by Council:
(1) Reserve Development - Local residents may be
consulted on the types of facilities and equipment during
the design of some reserves.
(2) Development Applications - Residents are notified
(where there is a legislative requirement to do so) of some
Development Applications. When an application is publicly
notified, residents have the opportunity both to write to
Council expressing their view on the application and to
subsequently personally address the Council before a
decision is made.
(3) Local Area Traffic Management - Local residents
may be consulted on design requirements for traffic
(4) Resident Forums – Various forums are convened on an
‘as needed’ basis to enable residents to discuss proposals
that may affect them with both the Officers and Council
Access to Council Documents
Documents Available for Inspection
The following documents are available for public inspection
at the Council Offices (free of charge) between the hours
of 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.
Documents marked with an asterisk * are available on
Council’s website
The schedule of fees for 2013/14 financial year was
adopted by Council and will apply from 1 July 2013.
Members of the public may obtain copies of these
documents from the Records Management Officers as
listed below:
Reviews of council constitution, wards & boundaries
Representation options papers & reports on Reviews of council composition or ward structure
$0.70 p/page
Reports to Minister provided to Council by Boundary Adjustment Facilitation
$0.70 p/page
Registers and Returns under the Local Government Act & Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (as follows):
Council Voters Roll – (public inspection only). Election candidates receive a hard copy
Further copies to Candidates at
$0.70 p/page
Campaign Donations returns under Local Government (Elections) Act 1999
$0.70 p/page
Register of Community Land
$0.70 p/page
Register of Interests of Elected Members (subject to written request to CEO)
$0.70 p/page
Register of Allowances & Benefits (Elected Member Register)
$0.70 p/page
Register of Remuneration, salaries & benefits (Staff/Employee Register)
$0.70 p/page
Register of Public Streets & Roads
$0.70 p/page
Fees & Charges Register (levied by Council)
$0.70 p/page
Code of Conduct – Council members
$0.70 p/page
Code of Conduct - Staff
$0.70 p/page
Code of practice – Access to Council Meeting, Council committee & council documents (includes Confidentiality
$0.70 p/page
Code of practice – Shopping Trolley (Abandoned)
$0.70 p/page
Meeting Papers
Current and prior Council / Committee Agendas and Minutes (that are approved for public access)
$0.70 p/page
Policy documents
Any policy document of the Council within the meaning of the FOI Act 1991 (as listed below & on the intranet)
$0.70 p/page
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