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Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
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The Town of Gawler has
undergone some significant
changes this year. I
commenced in February and
thank all Elected Members,
staff and the community for
their warm welcome.
A key function of this role is
to ensure the organisation
is structured to deliver
community outcomes. One
of my first tasks was to review the organisational structure.
The result was a restructure that focussed on modern
management practices and less hierarchy. This has built
future capacity in the organisation to improve organisational
efficiencies, reduce operating costs and afford staff
professional development opportunities.
With the new organisational structure in place, Council has
been able to progress in a strategic way. A number of our
key documents are being reviewed that will set a platform
for our future. This includes our strategic plan, asset
management plan, and corporate and management plans.
To inform these plans, we will depend on the engagement
and involvement of our community to drive our vision
for the next ten years. We have developed a community
engagement process, ‘Picture This’ which will allow
residents to have a say in the way we develop and deliver
services and programs into the next decade. I look forward
to the community being involved in this important decision-
making process.
The current financial year culminated in an operating deficit
of $119,000. Given that Council incurred an operating deficit
of over $2.9M in the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 financial
years, this is a very positive financial result for the Council,
and is just reward for the prudent financial management and
fiscal discipline that has been rigorously applied across the
organisation in recent years.
Whilst Council has made recent substantial inroads
in eliminating its operating deficit, it has also further
strengthened and improved its overall financial position,
as reflected in the on-going reduction in the Net Financial
Liabilities Ratio – from 86% (as at 30 June 2011) to 65% (as
at 30 June 2013 – after excluding unspent Capital Works
funds retained in the Carried Forward Budgets Equity
Reserve. With the inclusion of the unspent funds the audited
result was 53%).
The reduction in the Net Financial Liabilities Ratio provides
important loan borrowing capacity to the Council, should
it need to access external loan funds towards the future
purchase / construction of new and/or upgraded fixed
Looking Ahead….
An exciting open space development will occur next year
at Reid. The South Australian Government will partner
with Council to develop a community reserve in Reid for all
generations. Importantly, this development will enable foot
and cycle traffic from Reid to the rest of Gawler Township
and region through building shared pathways.
Our vision is for Reid Reserve to be a recreation space
for the whole community. Not only are bike and walkways
planned, but significant planting and remediation of the
reserve will open up possibilities for creative and innovative
open space recreation.
Council has recently gained significant funding to roll out a
number of innovative programs that will transform Gawler
into a digital and technological hub for the region. This
is an exciting and ground-breaking initiative for Council
that will benefit all residents in our community. Council is
also planning a major and long-term infrastructure project,
Gawler Connect which will reinvigorate the main street
precinct and support business development in the town
centre. It will provide an important regional service through
an upgraded library, youth media centre, cultural interpretive
centre and digital gallery to house the culturally significant
Gawler Collection.
Next year, the Gawler Youth Precinct is planned to be
constructed and will be a quality, vibrant, multi-use and
attractive open-space zone, integrated with a skate park.
We have so much to look forward to. But we need drive,
determination and human spirit to make it happen.
I welcome all staff contributions at Council this year. It’s an
exciting time as Council starts a new ten year planning and
development cycle. I welcome your input and advice to
establish our vision into the next decade. I also farewell the
staff who have sought retirement or employment in other
organisations. Thank you for your strong contributions to
implementing Council’s services and programs this year.
I look forward to the ongoing collaborations that I have
established with key organisations and stakeholders in
Gawler and the region. I thank all Elected Members for
their trust and confidence in supporting the work of staff.
Finally I thank all staff for their continued enthusiasm and
professionalism to their work over the past 12 months and
look forward to next year.
Mr Henry Inat, Chief Executive Officer
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