Gawler 2012-13 Annual Report - page 70

Town of Gawler Annual Report 2012/13
Page 70
introduction • summary • strategic directions •
statutory information
• index
Other Information Requests
Requests for other information not included in Clause 4.1 above will be considered in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act. Under this legislation, an application fee and a search fee must be forwarded with the completed
request form, unless the application is granted an exemption.
Should the applicant require copies of any documents inspected pursuant to a Freedom of Information request, the
charges set out in the Freedom of Information Act will apply. Unless the applicant is granted an exemption the following
charges apply from 01/07/2012:
application fee of $31.50
dealing with an application (other than personal affairs) $11.70 per 15 minutes
dealing with personal affair’s application - $11.70 per 15 minutes after first 2 hours
photocopies of documents – $0.20 p/page
written transcripts $7.00 p/page
photograph, video tape, computer tape or disc (cost of producing copy)
actual cost incurred for postage or delivery
application for review fee $31.50
Freedom of Information application forms are available at the Council, 89 Murray Street Office or on Council’s website
Enquiries or requests should be addressed to: Accredited Freedom of Information Officer
Town of Gawler
PO Box 130
On Website
Administrative documents
Delegated Authority Manual (Single Delegation)
$0.70 p/page
Strategic Plan
$0.70 p/page
Business Plan (including Rating Policy) Annual - after Council adoption. Draft Annual Business Plan. Summary
$0.70 p/page
Bicycle Plan (full Report/Study)
$0.70 p/page
Annual Budget Statement (after adoption by Council - located in Annual Business Plan)
$0.70 p/page
Annual Financial Statement
$0.70 p/page
Annual Report
$0.70 p/page
Church Hill Management Plan
$0.70 p/page
Council’s Assessment Record (extract) In accordance with Section 174(2) of Local Government Act
$1.50 p/record
Development Policies – Protecting Gawler’s Heritage
No Charge
Executive Summary & recommendations
$0.70 p/page
Management plans for Community Land
$0.70 p/page
Procedure for Internal Review of Council Decisions
$0.70 p/page
Charter for subsidiaries established by Council or for whom Council is a constituent Council
$0.70 p/page
Information statement under Freedom of Information Act 1991 (most recent)
Bylaws made by Council -
$0.70 p/page
Other public documents per page
$0.70 p/page
Concession holders charged 75% of any of the above General Council document fees (photocopier fee
includes staff labour cost).
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