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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Report from the Chairman
Over the past 15 years,NAWMA’s operations have
evolved in response to aMaster Plan of continuous
improvement to deliver best practice inwaste
In that period, theAuthority has operated strategically in
an environment of extraordinary expansion in residential
and commercial development in the northern region
ofAdelaide. It has confronted challenges and grasped
business opportunitieswhileminimising the amount of
waste being sent to landfill.
Throughout that period, it has continued to inform a
growing customer base of our shared contribution to
NAWMA’s achievements in themost recent reporting
period culminate the 2000-2015Master Plan. They
stand as a crowningmonument to the vision and
commitment of a succession of dedicatedBoard
members and staff to the best wastemanagement
outcomes for our constituent and client Councils and
their communities, and the environment as awhole.
Those achievements are outlined in detail in thisAnnual
Report and they illustrate excellence in financial and
operational planning andmanagement. The operating
surplus also reflects the fact
that NAWMA has been able
to operate in 2013-14with
relative stability in terms of
prices for recycled products.
With a growing customer
base, and reliability in
prices, it has been a good
year for business. However,wemust be prepared for
unpredictability in themarketplace for recycled products
and the varying costs of clean fill required for civil works
at our Uleybury landfill.
Similarly,wemust keep abreast of emerging
technologies and systems that can offer new
sophistication and solutions in our business.
During themost recent reporting period, theNAWMA
Board andmanagement haveworked on a strategy that
will equip theAuthority tomeet the challenges ahead as
we strive to conduct our business to even higher levels
of environmental and economic sustainability.
This focus has resulted in the development of NAWMA’s
RegionalWasteManagement Strategy 2015-20 that
will support policies and procedures aimed specifically
atmaximising resource recoverywhile reducing residual
waste being sent to landfill. The new strategywill
guide our decision-making processes aswe continue to
workwith our Councils and communities tomaintain
excellence inwastemanagement.
I thank our Boardmembers,management and staff for
their outstanding commitment and achievements over
the past year. The outcomes are the foundation for
NAWMA to enter an exciting new phase aswe advance
our resource recovery capabilities.
Councillor BrianGoodall
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