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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Report from the Executive Officer
Building on positive results from previous years,
NAWMA had a substantially improved operational
outcome in the latest reporting period. This is reflected
in the audited financial accounts showing an operating
surplus of $1.685million. The surpluswas achieved
primarily from the following factors:
the central location of NAWMA’swaste processing
facilities, including the landfill. The facilities are
based in areas of major domestic and commercial
growth andNAWMA is now reaping the benefits
of increased business from its prudent planning
trading conditions during the year favouredNAWMA.
For example,market prices for fibre product, such
as paper and cardboard,were reasonably stable.
Similarly,material required for the landfill, such as
clean fill, remained at around 4,000 tonnes per
month, or 53,000 tonnes for the financial year.
efficiencies generated by theAuthority’s program of
continuous self- improvement provided significant
cost savings.
The budgets of constituent Councilswere againwell
managedwith each coming in under cost forecasts for
the reporting period.
NAWMA’s solid financial performance has placed it in
a sound position tomeet post closure landfill liabilities
stipulated by the EPA alongwith accumulated funds for
approved capital works.
NAWMAhas received supportive and encouraging
comments from residents regarding the high standard
ofmanagement andoperationof theResourceRecovery
Centre. During the past year, 16,000paying customers
accessed the facility todeliver greenwaste andgeneral
waste. Customers appreciated the ability to tip indoors in
a safe environmentwith easy,well-defined traffic flows.
This is very positive feedback that justifies the time
spent in planning and design of the facility.
During the year, the opportunity arose to re-organise
the administration of NAWMAwith a focus on further
improvements to customer service, governancematters,
andWork, Health and Safety compliance. A new
manager was appointed to oversee this transitionwith
beneficial results becoming increasingly evident.
TheAuthority has accumulated extensive operational
experience, knowledge and necessary approvals over
the years to the extent that reliance on contractors is
reducing. As contracts expire, such as theMaterial
Recovery Facility for the sorting of recyclables in
December 2016,NAWMAwill be able to operate the
facility in its own right. Therefore, the next two years
in particular will see some exciting and rewarding
challenges for theAuthority.
BrianKing (centre)withAdministrative ServicesManager,
Peter Oye, andManager Operations,DavidDiprose
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