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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Waste Processing Facility
Thewaste baling plant received an 8 per cent increase
in tonnages in the reporting period. The additional
6,000 tonneswas evenly spread across the twomain
waste streams of municipal solidwaste and commercial
and industrial waste.
In addition, therewas a 26 per cent increase in the
quantity of difficult-to-balewastematerial that was
diverted to SITAResourceCo for further processing. Of
the 80,000 tonnes received, 7,300 tonneswas diverted.
Although this incurs an additional transport cost, it
avoids payment for landfill disposal, and therefore of
the StateWaste Levy that increases bymore than 10 per
cent each year.
To assist in achieving transport cost efficiencies, a
40 cubicmetrewaste packer has been installed in
the baling plant. The compactedmaterial achieves a
transport saving at a ratio of 2.5 to 1,which justifies
additional work in loading thematerial for transport to
NAWMA’s spare parts inventory for the baler has been
complemented by essential electrical equipment from
Spain. Thismeans theAuthority has satisfied its critical
parts list covering themajority of repair/breakdown
InApril 2014, tender documentswere prepared for the
change over of the two baling plant front-end loaders
(FELs). Five tenderswere sought with purchase and
leasing options for comparison.
Tenderswere received from four companieswith one
withdrawing. Komatsu, the company that supplied the
existing two FELs,was awarded the tender for operating
leases on two newmachines. Bothmachineswere
delivered during early July 2014.
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