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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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statutory information
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NAWMA nowmanages kerbsidewaste, recycling
and gardenwaste services for 114,860 properties
throughout the Barossa,Gawler, Playford and Salisbury
Council areas. Almost 300,000 individual bins require
delivery, registration, emptying,maintenance and
This generates over 200 telephone inquiries each
working day for information relating to the following (in
order of volume):
hardwaste services;
general inquiries;
calendar requests;
gardenwaste services;
education and promotion activities; and
service complaints.
More than 80 per cent of telephone inquiries are on
the 1800 free call service. Service complaints comprise
approximately 4.2 per cent of all calls. Complaints are
actioned immediately via an on-linework scheduling
software program linkingNAWMAwith the collection
MobileGarbageBin (MGB) support
MGB requests for new, replacement or repairs numbered
7,142 during 2013-14. This consisted of:
3,486waste and recyclingMGBs to new residents;
2,394 replacementMGBs for stolen or damaged
bins; and
1,262 repairs toMGBs.
WorkplaceHealth and Safety (WH&S)
Growth in business activity has resulted in a significant
increase in public and contractor vehicularmovement
at the EdinburghNorth Site. This, alongwith recent
changes to theWorkplaceHealth and Safety legislation,
prompted a review of howWH&Smatters aremanaged
holistically for all organisations operating on the site.
An external consultant was engaged to assist in
developing terms of reference for amanagement group
with representation from all major contractors on site.
In February 2014, the SiteManagement Committee
was formed and itmeets regularly to identify and find
solutions toWH&S and efficiency-relatedmatters.
Some of the initial positive outcomes from deliberations
of the SiteManagement Committee include:
installation of amoveable barrier to separate public
vehicles from heavy truckmovement during high
public traffic times on site;
installation of additional signage and pedestrian
activated lighting to increase foot traffic safety on
enhancement of safety procedures for visitors to the
Environment EducationCentre;
improved visual guides for reversing trucks;
a standard process to record all incidents on site
regardless of which contractor is involved;
improved safety on the access platform to the baling
plant; and
installation of warning lights to control truck
movements into the baling shed loading area.
The year ahead
In 2014-15 therewill be an emphasis on systems that
underpin accountable customer service.
Firstly, a newweighbridge software and communication
systemwill ensuremore efficient and accurate reporting.
Importantly, theweighing processwill become far less
complex for the vehicle operators.
Secondly, a new telephonemanagement systemwill be
commissioned to enable a detailed analysis of customer
calls. Thiswill allow bettermanagement of responses
andmore reliable analysis of key performance indicators.
Attaining process consistency between the three
constituent Councilswill also be an administrative
objective for 2014-15.
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