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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Education and Promotion
Activity levels in the Environment EducationCentre
(EEC) and at theUleybury landfill viewing platform
continue to grow as schools and community groups
becomemore aware of the quality of NAWMA’s
facilities and staff presentations, and the importance of
responsible resource andwastemanagement.
NAWMAwill build a new EEC in 2015 to accommodate
the increased level of activity that is being experienced.
This also represents an opportunity to update and
improve interactive displays used in the education
Over the reporting period, our roving ambassador,
Nawma,with assistance fromAuthority staff members,
conducted a range of promotional and educational
Visitors fromwithin the region to the EEC at Edinburgh
North included 1,881 children in 90 separate groups
and 644 adults.
Visits to schools and community groupswithin the
region involved 68 sessions for 2,642 children– nearly
double the number of young participants in the 2012-
13 period– and 593 adults.Twenty one sessionswere
presented in the EEC for interested groups from outside
the region, including 241 children and 261 adults. This
included 12 sessions held in the BarossaValley for 235
children and 213 adults.
In total, 179 sessions, representing a 15 per cent
increase on the previous year,were held for 4,764
children and 1,498 adults. Compared to the previous
reporting period, this is a 43 per cent increase in
participants. This clearly supports the development of
new, larger education facilities.
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