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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Household HardWaste Collection Service
There has been a regional increase in kerbside hard
waste collection and uptake of the Salisbury voucher
system for the ResearchRoadWasteTransfer Station.
Alongwith steady growth in utilisation of theNAWMA
waste transfer station, the indications are that residents
aremaking greater use of services and facilities for
disposal of hardwastematerial.
Participation in the household collection of hardwaste
again increased in the PlayfordCouncil areawhile there
was a slight decline in theCity of Salisbury. However,
this declinewasmore than offset by an increase in
utilisation of the free voucher system.
Compared to the 2012-13 financial year, the increase
in participation in theCity of Playfordwas 9.32
per cent, representing 788more households. The
Salisbury decreasewas 4.21 per cent, or 166 less
households. Playford had 9,241 households (25.32
per cent) participating in the service. Salisbury had
3,777 households (6.54 per cent) take up the option
of collection. Household collection in Salisbury incurs
a cost to residents of $10 per householdwhile 8,043
households (13.92 per cent) elected to use the voucher
AverageWeights/Quantities of HardWaste
The averageweight of hardwaste collectedwas
originally expected to be in the vicinity of 100kg per
collection, based on theAdelaide average. BothCouncil
areas exceeded this level during the 2013-14 collection
Playford recorded 112.8kg per collection, plus
mattresses (one in every 4.8 collections) alongwith
E-Waste (one per 2.5 collections). Salisburywas
significantly above theAdelaide average at 171.6kg per
collection, plusmattresses (one per 2.5 collections) and
E-Waste (one per 1.7 collections).
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