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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Uleybury Landfill
Management of leachate
Leachate, or wastewater, is pumped from the base of
the landfill into evaporation ponds at theUleybury site.
The leachate emanates from rain that descends through
thewaste. Excess leachate,which occurswhen the
evaporation ponds are too full, is transported to the
Bolivar wastewater treatment plant for disposal.
In recent years, the two evaporation ponds,which can
hold 2.25megalitres (onemegalitre equals onemillion
litres), have regularly reached capacity. In the
reporting period, the transporting of excess leachate
was necessary from July to September 2013.A total of
1.6megalitres, or approximately 70 per cent of capacity,
was carted toBolivar. The carting and disposal costs
totalled $35,192.
Rainfall recorded on site during the 2013-14 financial
year was 616mm. Thiswas 125 per cent of the average
rainfall recorded over the nine years of operation of the
landfill, or 143 per cent of the previous year’s total.
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