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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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To provide additional storage capacity for leachate on
site,NAWMA commenced an approval process inMay
2011 for a third pond. Thiswas conducted through the
StateGovernment’s Department of Planning,Transport
and Infrastructure and EPA. After a lengthy process,
approval for the construction of the third pondwas
finally received on 10 January 2014. The 2megalitres
storage capacity of the new pond,will double the on-
site storage capability at the landfill.
Construction of the third pond commenced on 29
January 2014. It includes a design similar to that
utilised in the landfill cellswhere a combination of clay/
GCL (clay blanket) andHDPE (heavy plastic liner) forms
a composite liner system. GolderAssociates oversaw
construction of the pond and completed independent
ConstructionQualityAssurance (CQA) documentation.
A report with final construction details, including
CQA/survey data, is provided to the EPA for approval
before use of the pond is permitted. This approval was
provided on 13 June 2014,with the construction costing
approximately $150,000.
In the few days following approval from the EPA, 1.04
megalitres of leachatewas pumped to the new pond,
just covering its floor. This represented about 46 per
cent of the capacity of the original two ponds, and
would have cost around $21,400 to remove off site.
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