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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Final cappingdesign
The cap, or lid, of the landfill is one part of the total
containment system. With the liner, leachate control,
and gas extraction elements, it forms thewhole system.
The key objective of the total containment system
is to protect human health and the environment by
minimising themovement of liquid and gas out of the
NAWMA engagedTonkinConsulting to design a new
capping system for the landfill called a phytocap.
Phytocaps,which are relatively new in landfills around
theworld, are vegetated soil covers that are designed
to storewater during rainfall events. The combined
effects of the sun and plants on the landfill then remove
thewater and return it naturally to the atmosphere.
Phytocaps also reduce the escape of landfill gas.
TonkinConsulting completed the cap design in February
2014. Like the lengthy process undertaken for the
third leachate pond, construction of this new capping
design requires the approval of the StateGovernment’s
Department of Planning,Transport and Infrastructure
and EPA.
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