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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Resource Recovery Centre (RRC)
The 2013-14 financial year represented the first
full twelvemonths of operation of the RRC. Some
operational changeswere implemented to improve
efficiencies aswell as some fine-tuning of casual
staffing requirements. NAWMA now has a casual pool
of experienced and trained peoplewith improved on-site
material handling.
Performance report 2014
A key performance indicator for the RRC is the reduction
of waste from landfill through efficient and effective
resource recovery activities. At the completion of the
financial year, the followingwas achieved:
21 tonnes of material were salvaged and sold in the
Salvage& Save Shop;
362 tonnes of steel were collected and sold;
2,567mattresseswere processedwith springs and
76 tonnes of recyclables (cardboard,mattress foam)
352 tonnes of electronicwastewere recycled;
24,400 litres of waste oil were recycled;
745 tyreswere recycled;
9 tonnes of car batterieswere recycled;
3,042 tonnes of gardenwastewas transported to
Jeffries for processing into a compost product; and
2,636 tonnes of residual wastewere transported to
SITAResourceCo for processing into a fuel source.
A total of 16,000 paying customers accessed the facility
delivering greenwaste and general waste. A further
1,600 customers delivered recyclables only,which is free
of charge service.
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