Gawler 2013-14 Annual Report - page 145

Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Financial performance
The RRC is a fullymechanised operation. With an in-
floor steel belt conveyor and 40 cubicmetre compactors
for garden organics and general waste, it is themost
advanced facility for public use in the State.
This purpose built facility incurs amonthly lease cost of
$19,000with the rental of compactors costing a further
$4,000 permonth. It is a goal of NAWMA to achieve at
least a break-even result in financial management of the
In the reporting period, the RRC achieved revenue of 7
per cent above expenditure. This is a positive outcome
considering that gate prices have remained static for the
20months inwhich the centre has been operating. The
Boardwill review these prices early in 2015.
The RRC offers attractive pricing for disposal of waste
and recyclables. NAWMA has also receivedmany
positive comments from customers on the quality of
staff and the high standard of design and construction
of the facility.
The RRCwas built to cater for growth, and all
indications are that the flexibility in designwill be
required as the facility becomesmore familiar to
residents and its utilisation increases.
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