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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Future Directions
The RegionalWasteManagement Strategy (RWMS)
identifies a number of priorities to be actioned over the
next five years in support of twomajor objectives,which
are to:
1. minimise recoverable resources disposed to landfill;
2. maintain sustainable residual wastemanagement
NAWMA’s new priorities for action include:
designing, building and installing a newMaterial
Recovery Facility (MRF) plant for operation by
NAWMA in January 2017;
employing specialist staff to facilitate the transition
from a contractor operated to aNAWMA operated
determining themost economic and environmentally
sustainable use of landfill gas;
planning and preparing for NAWMA to staff the
Waste Processing Facility (in lieu of contractors)
effective from January 2017 as approved by the
designing and building the new Environment
EducationCentre to be self-contained and include
new interactive displays;
planning and implementing a household flexible
plastics trial in preparation for receiving thismaterial
in the fortnightly kerbside recycling collection service
on a regional scale in January 2017; and
monitoring existing contractual arrangements on a
nationwide scale and embracing innovations and
improvements that can be incorporated inNAWMA’s
future contracts
A comprehensive list of priorities is available by viewing
the RWMS on theNAWMAwebsite.
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