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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Gawler River FloodplainManagement Authority
Annual Report 2013
Gawler River FloodplainManagement Authority
Annual Report 2013
A contract has been let toAustralianWater Environments to revisit the hydrology of the
North paraRiver to determinewhether there is a further sitewhichwould hold sufficient
water at a cost effectiveprice to reduce flooding in theGawler River. Using updated
technology, it is expected a final report will be received before the endof the year. Apositive
result could reduce the cost of final remedial work in theGawler River.
I congratulate theMembers of theBoard for their input to theAuthority throughout the year
andparticularlyMemberswho have announced that theywill not be contestingCouncil
elections inNovember and thuswill not be eligible to continue.
ToExecutiveOfficer, DeanGollan, thanks are due for his counsel and input as is also due to
appointees to theTechnical Assessment Panel andAudit Committee.
Wehave been fortunate to not have had any serious flooding issues in recent years.
Dr BruceEastickAM
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