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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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GawlerRiver FloodplainManagement Authority
AchievementsAgainst theBusinessPlan 2013
2016 for theperiod July2013 to June 2014
Evaluationof Performanceagainst theBusinessPlan
ThisStatement of Achievements against theBusinessPlanwill form part of theKeyOutcomesSummary toCouncils following themeetings at which it is tabled. The
Statement will beprepared for theOctober, February, and JuneBoardMeetings. The June report will form part of theGRFMAAnnual Report 2013 - 2014.
Part A: Funding
Actual Achievements
SecureAdditional Project Funding June2009
All Councils, stakeholders
andGovernments agree to
contribute to theproject in
accordancewith thePlan
SchemeTotal now $21,697,377grants total $16,879,982
Grant Claims
At all times
Lodge claimsmonthly for the
payment of Commonwealth
Claims lodged at the endof themonth
Maintain positiveCashFlow
At all times
Positive bank account
balances at all times.
Positivecash flowmaintained
Part B: ProposedFloodMitigationSchemeWorks
TheSouthParaReservoir is under the control andmanagement of SAWater Corporationwho have agreed to undertake the requiredmodifications to theSouth
ParaReservoir to provide the required level of floodmitigation capacity as a cost to theScheme.
Dam safety review and design proposal tomodify the damwall and spillway completedSeptember 2005
Detailedhydrology studyof the catchment using the very latest methodologies let toDepartment of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure completedMarch 2007.
Actual Achievements
Detailed design of works
December 2010
Completion of detailed
designand tender
July2011Final approvalsgranted
Constructionof theworks
Completion of construction
Practical completion achieved June 2012
GawlerRiver FloodplainManagement Authority
AchievementsAgainst theBusinessPlan 2013
2016 for theperiod July2013 to June 2014
GawlerRiver FloodMitigationScheme
What will theMark TwoScheme Include?
(Note these stepsmayoccur concurrentlyandnot necessarily in the following order)
One Reconfirmwith theConstituent Councils that a 1 in 100 year level of protection is theprotection standard that is tobe pursued in the development of the
Gawler River FloodMitigationScheme -Mark TwoStrategy.
Two Determine if a second dam on theNorthParaRiver is an option. TheGRFMABoard has recentlyaccepted a tender for aFindingsReport to undertakean
assessment todetermine if a second dam is required and feasible.
Three TheGawler River FloodplainMappingModel should bemaintained as the reference tool to demonstrate the level of flood protection and validityof design
of land proposed for development as part of the approval process. To achieve this, themodel shouldbe upgraded to include recent works such as the
NorthernExpresswayworks and theadditional floodplainmapping completedas part of the Light River TemplersCreek Salt CreekMappingStudy by the
District Council of Mallala.
Four To further develop the preliminaryassessment of possible local area levees prepared in the 2008Gawler River FloodplainMappingStudy at Gawler, Angle
ValeandTwoWells and develop a levee strategy for Virginia to a robust design standardwitha staging plan. Undertakea cost benefit study for each stage
of theplan.
Five Establish a protocol with theFloodplainCouncils that wheredevelopment of land in areas
identified as ‘at risk of flooding’ is planned to proceed by the
implementation of a local area levee that mapping of theproposed levees on theGawler River FloodplainMappingStudyModel will be required.
Maintain aworking relationshipwith theAustralianRail TrackCorporation to ensure that any changes toRailtrack infrastructureof culverts and rail heights
aremapped on theGawler River FloodplainMappingStudyModel to identify any changes to flooding impacts.
Seven Developa funding strategy for flood protection that is deliveredby local area levees on thequestions of who shouldown andmaintain the levees and
whether local area levees are regional works that theGRFMA should fund or are they local works that are the responsibility of the local Council.
Eight Investigate opportunities for funding partners and grants toundertake the necessaryassessments and designs.
Nine TheSchemewill also seek to clarify, through the Local Government Association, thepolicyand legal framework aroundmaintenance of rivers and creeks
where those rivers and creeks are part of the regional floodmanagement plan. Under current legislation a landowner is responsible for the condition of a
creek or waterway on private land.
Part B:Maintenanceof theScheme
Actual Achievements
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