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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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• statutory information • index
Adistinctive identity
Gawler isdifferent fromAdelaide’s
doesnot support joining-upwith the
outer suburbs. Itwantsopen, attractive
andeconomic rural spacesaround it
anda level of independence formany
servicesand facilities. Preservation
built andnatural features is important
to thecommunity, inparticular the
built heritageand town riversand
PictureThis - CouncilsCommunityPlanmarketing campaign
Outcome 1.1:
ASeparateTown (not aSuburb)
Strategy 1.1.1 - Urban design policies and strategies that support and leverage the town’s character
Strategy 1.1.2 -Adequate services and facilities to thrive as a regional town
Strategy 1.1.3 - Define and communicateGawler’s identity
Outcome 1.2:
Well PresentedGawlerAssets
Strategy 1.2.1 - Develop, refurbish, manage andmaintain critical assets such as open spaces, cvic buildings and
entries toGawler
Outcome 1.3:
ValuedLocal History andCulture
Strategy 1.3.1 - Local history preserved and promoted
Strategy 1.3.2 - Heritage properties identified, promoted and protected
Outcome 1.4:
ARural GreenBelt for Production andConservation
Strategy 1.4.1 - Rural production, including alternative and innovative economic development
Strategy 1.4.2 - Development policies to facilitate rural production and economic development
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