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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Achievements&FuturePlans for 2013/14
The 175th year of the establishment of Gawler has
been the catalyst and inspiration for Council to
undertake in 2014:
a the restoration of artworks from theGawler
b planning for the restoration of theGawler Institute
FuturePlan - Gawler 175EventsCommunity
175thEvents continue to fill the 2014 calendar into the
new financial year. The interest in the commemoration
is gathering speed andmore community interest. From
Jazz Festivals toChristmasCarols, to thePensioners
Association ‘Merrymaker Choir’ are carrying the 175th
brand. It is very pleasing to also note the number of
motor vehiclewindscreens and bumpers displaying the
175th logo andCouncil is delightedwith the number of
big and small community events now jointly badgedas
a 175th function. Council has also commissionedwork
to restore the JamesMartinmonument as a fitting,
important reflectionofMrMartin’s founding contribution
to theTown of Gawler.
Gawler Connect
Gawler Connect is amajor regional infrastructure
project planned to create amodern arts, cultural,
business and community centre in the heritage-listed
and culturally significant TownHall and Institute
building inGawler’smain street. This proposed
redevelopment will augment social inclusion, life-long
learning, training and universal access to community-
identified learning, services and facilities.
Gawler 175EventsCommunityReferenceGroup
During2014Gawler commemorated175 years
of European settlement. TheGawler175Events
CommunityReferenceGroupwas established in
mid 2013 to encourage the community to embrace
and celebrate thismilestone. TheGroup included
Mayor BrianSambell, Cr Scott Fraser, staff members
AnneRichards andDonnaAldridge, Community
RepresentativesMartin Johnson, GrahamTucker,
Gary Iremonger andCarolynPotts andChairman
DeputyMayor BrianThom. TheGroupmet fortnightly
for over eight months and oversaw:
a the creationof a distinctiveGawler175 logo.
This has beenmade available for all Gawler
CommunityGroups to use.
b from January 2014, a cross-street banner has
been erected at the southern end of Murray
Street and this banner will remain in place until
January 2015.
c theGawler175 logo has been promoted by the
creation of lapel pins and stickers for affixing to
car windscreens and shopwindows.
d four retractable banners incorporating the
Gawler175 logo have been created for use at
registeredGawler175 events.
e signs displaying theGawler175 logowere affixed
toCouncil’s bins.
f letters and emailswere sent to clubs, community
organisations and schools to invite them to
participate in celebrations by organisinga special
Gawler175 event or by badgingGawler175 to an
existing event and theGroup havebeen pleased
with theenthusiastic response frommany in the
g School Principalswere contacted to encourage
students to become involved in thediscovery of
Gawler’s history.
h aCalendar of Gawler175Eventswas created
andhighlighted on the front pageof theTown of
Gawler website.
i commemorative certificateswere printed and
given to each baby born at theGawler Health
Service during 2014.
j balloons printedwith theGawler175 logo have
beenmade available free-of-charge (includes
helium fill) to organisers of registeredGawler175
events; and
k in collaborationwith theGawler HistoryTeam
Inc, a linkwasmade on theTownof Gawler
website to “” which
contains thousands of historicGawler
photographs and articles.
CrAdrianShackley conducting aGawler 175thEvent
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