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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 24
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Outcomes of theGawler Connect redevelopment
1. Rejuvenating theTownHall, Institute andMain
Street as a community hub
2. Job creation and skill development
3. Development of a precinct that is aneconomic
driver for local businesses, art and culture
4. Retention of culture and heritage
Community consultationhas been a priority in the
ongoingdevelopment of Gawler Connect. The
first communityworkshopwas conducted in July
2013. Nearly 50 residents attendedandmost
participants agreed that theworkshop increased their
understanding of the purpose and plans for theGawler
Connect development. The completed project will cost
several millions of dollars. Investigations in all respects
are ongoing.
FuturePlan -Gawler Connect
Currently theproject is in its initial stageswith the
formationof various informationandasset plans.
Through thisprocess it hasbeen identified that the
appointment of aProjectManager is required to
successfullymanage thisproject. Theappointment of
theProjectMangerRolewill beapriority in thefirst few
monthsof the14/15financial year.
Investment inDigital Technology
TheAustralianGovernment’s fundingof theDigital Local
Government Program–Digital Inclusion:TownofGawler
Regional VideoConferencingProject isproceedingvery
positivelyand inaccordancewith theproject plan.The
promotionof theProject hasbeenverywell receivedand
has initiatedmanyquestionsanddiscussionswithin the
Gawler community.
The tender processundertakenby theproject team
toengageanappropriateorganisation, thatwill be
responsible for undertaking the installationof the
equipment,wasanexhaustiveand transparent process.
With thesupport of theAustralianGovernment the
Council ispleased to reportTelstraCorporationwas the
successful tender.TheDigital ProjectTeam isentering
intoconstructionandproductionphasewhich includes
installationof VideoConferencingEquipment, creation
of promotional videosandwebportalssupportedby
implementationand trainingstrategies.
FuturePlan - Investment inDigital Technology
TheAustralianFederalGovernment’sDigital Local
Government Programwill continue tobe rolledout
through2014/15.Theprogramwill seeagreater focus
ondeliveryanduseof digital technologies, followingon
from theplanningand installationof thepreviousfinancial
year. It isanticipated thisprogramwill also form the
foundations for thecreation for adigital businessstudio
asan integral component of theGawlerConnect project.
Several small signageprojectswere implementedduring
thefinancial yearwithnewentranceandcar parksigns
being installed. Further signageworkhasbeendeferred
until next financial yearwhilst publicconsultation is
completedandamorestrategicsignageplan isscoped
FuturePlan -CivicSignage
It isessential toachievegood, effectiveandclear signage
withsignagedevelopedwithin thecontext of aconsistent,
hierarchical andstrategicsignagestrategy.
AStrategicSignagePlanandSignageManual should
consist of anaudit of existingsigns (aspreviously
undertaken–often referred toasSituationalAnalysis)
and thecreationof ahierarchyof signs for usewithin the
TownofGawler. It isanticipatedwith thesittingof anew
Council inNovember 2014, staffwill present toCouncil
thedevelopment of anewStrategicSignagePlanand
Rural LandUseand Infrastructure Investigation
Council isundertakingastudy toprovideaclear vision
for the futureofGawler’s rural areas.TheRural Land
Useand Infrastructure Investigation, oncecompleted,
will informeconomicand land-useplanning initiatives
anddevelopaclear pictureof thesignificant social,
environmental andeconomic factors influencingGawler’s
rural areasandhow these factorsshouldbeharnessed
tobenefit theareaandgreaterGawler.
FuturePlan -Rural LandUseand Infrastructure
It isanticipated that theRural LandUseand
Infrastructure Investigationwill becompletedbyJune
Workcommenced in the2013/14onaTownCharacter
Development PlanAmendment (DPA) preparing the
DPAandGuidelines.Theaimof thisDPA is toensure
principlesof development control contained inCouncil’s
Development Planarestrongenough toprotectGawler’s
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