Gawler 2013-14 Annual Report - page 28

Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
TheStateGovernment predictsa
doubling inGawler’spopulation in the
next 10-15years.Council ismindful
of theadditional pressures that this
populationgrowthwill haveonexisting
civicservicesand facilities.Council is
committed toembracing thisgrowth.
Itwill adopt positiveandsustainable
maintenanceof existingassetsand
carefullyplan for the futurecommunity
infrastructure requirements toensure
economic, social andenvironmentally
introduction • summary •
• statutory information • index
Outcome 2.1:
Invest inPlanning related toGrowth
Strategy 2.1.1 - Understand key future development and service issues to inform and produce plans aheadof
Strategy 2.1.2 - Local business growth, diversity and employment
Outcome 2.2:
Services andFacilities thatMeet CommunityNeeds
Strategy 2.2.1 - Council’s servicesmanaged andmaintained at a level of service that the community canafford
Strategy 2.2.2 - Social and community services delivered or facilitated throughCouncil
Outcome 2.3:
ALocal Government that isFinanciallyViable
Strategy 2.3.1 - Plan for the long term sustainability of Council’s operations
Outcome 2.4:
AnEffectiveTransport System
Strategy 2.4.1 -An integrated transport system for Gawler
Strategy 2.4.2 - Promote use of public transport through design of urban form
Strategy 2.4.3 -Awalkable and cycleable town
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