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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Achievements&FuturePlans for 2013/14
Social Infrastructure andServicesStudy
TheTown of Gawler has committed to undertaking
a study to identifying existing social infrastructure
and services providedbyCouncil and other sectors
of the community, State andFederal governments.
Anticipating future requirements and establishing
responsibilities and ownership of social infrastructure
and provision of social serviceswill enableCouncil
and other providers to strategically plan for the current
and future needs of theTown of Gawler andGreater
Barossa, Light andLower NorthRegionOpen
Space, Recreation andPublicRealmStrategy
TheBarossaCouncil on behalf of theBarossa, Light
and Lower NorthRegion (TheBarossaCouncil, Light
Regional Council, District Council of Mallala, Town
of Gawler andRegional DevelopmentAustralia) was
successful inacquiringState government funding
from theOffice for Recreation andSport to developa
Barossa, Light andLower NorthRegionOpenSpace,
Theaim of this project was to develop a coordinated
and prioritised strategy for themanagement and
design of open space, which includes recreation,
sport, trail networks andpublic realm spaces. This
regional strategywill ensurealignment with the vision,
targets, strategies and polices in the 30-Year Plan for
GreaterAdelaide. This project was released for public
consultation during the 2013/14 financial year.
FuturePlan - GawlerOpenSpace, Sport and
TheBarossa, Light and Lower NorthRegionOpen
Space, RecreationandPublicRealmStrategy is
due for completion in 2014/15, with the outcomes
of this strategy to then inform the formation of the
Gawler OpenSpace, Sport &RecreationPlan 2014-
2025, whichwill commence in July 2014. ThisPlan
is funded by theStateGovernment Officeof Sport
andRecreation aCommunityRecreation andSport
FacilitiesProgram andwill produce a long termSport
andRecreationStrategy (2014-2025) for theTown of
Gawler Local GovernmentArea.
TheTown of Gawler StrategicDirectionsReport
2013-2017was adopted byCouncil inDecember
2013. This initiative involved a reviewof the planning
and development policies containedwithin the
Development Plan to ensure theywere consistent
with theSouthAustralianPlanningStrategy, Council’s
StrategicPlan (CommunityPlan) and community
aspirations. TheReport outlines a strategic vision for
growth in theCouncil area that would bemanaged by
a program of Development PlanAmendments (DPA’s).
The priorityDPA’s and investigations detailed in the
StrategicDirectionsReport 2013 -2017 are as follows:
1. Rural LandUse and Infrastructure Investigation
2. TownCharacter DPA (Residential andCharacter
3. Townof Gawler Infrastructure/StructurePlan
(Greater Gawler Spatial Framework)
4. Recommendations of TownCentreStrategic
5. SouthAustraliaPlanningPolicy Library
6. EvanstonGardensDPA
7. Review of Special UseZone
8. OpenSpace, Recreation andPublicRealm
9. ReidDPA
FuturePlan - StrategicDirectionsReport
It is anticipated that theTown of Gawler Strategic
DirectionsReport 2013-2017will be authorisedby the
Minister for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in
TheTownCentreStrategic Frameworkwas adopted
byCouncil in June 2014. TheGawler town centreand
main street play a vital role in delivering public realm
strategieswithin the town andBarossa region. Council
is committed to the revitalisation and redevelopment
of the town centre andTheTownCentreStrategic
Framework is designed to reinforcing the economic,
social and historical significance of Gawler’sTown
FuturePlan - TownCentreStrategicFramework
As a first step in delivering the outcomes of theTown
CentreStrategic Framework, Council will be initiating
a precinct planningproject within the town centre in
TownCentreUrbanDesignPrecinct Plan
Work has commenced on theGawler Town
CentreUrbanDesignPrecinct Plans, withCouncil
successfully seeking grant funding from theState
Government’sPlaces for Peopleprogram during
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