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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 30
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FuturePlan - Gawler East Precinct Plan
Work on theGawler East Precinct Plan is due to
commence in 2014/15.
Hillier Development PlanAmendment
TheHillier Development PlanAmendment was
completed in the 2013/14 financial period following
community and key stakeholder consultation and
adoptionbyElectedMembers . This initiative has
recommended to theStateMinister for Planning that
11 hectare of land currently zonedDeferredUrbanbe
rezoned toResidential.
FuturePlan - Hillier Development PlanAmendment
It is anticipated that theHillier DPAwill beapprovedby
theStateGovernment Minister for Planning, Transport
and Infrastructure in 2014/15.
TreeManagement Plan
During 2013/14Council beganwork on the
development of aTreeManagement Plan toprovide a
framework for themanagement of all treeswithin the
Gawler area over the next decade. The aim of theTree
Management Plan is to identify and address all major
issues relating to treemanagement on both public
and private land and reflect current ‘best practice’ in
treemanagement tomeet Council, environment and
community expectations. ThePlanwould be subject to
review in five years’ time.
FuturePlan - TreeManagement Plan
TheTreeManagement Plan is currently in draft form
and is expected to be finalised by June 2015.
Staff haveprepared aDraft CemeteryConservation
Management Plan. ThePlan aims to provide
Council with a strategy to determine future cemetery
maintenance and construction priorities, allow the
cemetery to continue to function as operational burial
places and formalise the approach tomanagement
of a cemetery and provideguidance for those
undertaking activities in or adjacent to a cemetery.
ThePlanwill assist in themanagement of the
cemetery in awaywhichwill preserve and enhance
the cultural and natural heritage values andmeet
the requirements of the Local GovernmentAct 1999
to adopt community landmanagement plans for all
community land.
2013/14. ThePrecinct Planswill provide an
implementable framework guiding the improvement of
integratedpublic realm andprivate development within
theGawler TownCentre.
FuturePlan - TownCentreUrbanDesignPrecinct
It is anticipated that a suitably qualified consultancy
firmwill be appointed via anopen tender in 2014/15 to
prepare theTownCentreUrbanDesignPrecinct Plans,
withproject completion expected in the subsequent
2015/16 financial year.
GreaterGawler Regional Spatial Framework
During 2013/14Council’sExecutiveandPlanning
Officers continued to liaiseand consult with developers
and theStateGovernment to ensure that all key
stakeholders and the community approach future
development inGawler and surrounding areas, in
an integrated and strategically long term focussed
manner. Talks have centred arounddevelopment of
aFramework that will outline a ‘blue print’ for growth
based on an assessment of existing infrastructure and
environmental assets, future trends andprinciples of
good urban design. This Frameworkwould be viewed
as a roadmap for future development in the region.
FuturePlan - GreaterGawler Regional Spatial
TheGreater Gawler Regional Spatial Framework
has been announced by theStateGovernment to
commence in the 2014/15. TheFrameworkwill be
developed to set out land-use policies tomanage the
change that is forecast to occur in theGreater Gawler
region. Theaim of this framework is toprovide a
planning and design framework to guide development
innew growth areaswithin theTown of Gawler and
adjoiningCouncil areas of Roseworthy andConcordia.
Gawler East Precinct Plan
With the development of Gawler East now in full
swing, Council has initiated the creation of aGawler
East Precinct Plan to identify preferred options for the
layout of all future roads, open space and stormwater
management networks to assist bothCouncil staff and
the communitywith land division applicationswithin
theGawler East locality. This an important opportunity
for Council to ensure that all future development in
this area is integrated and that community social and
economic infrastructure is strategically providedand
maintained tomeet the needs of the residents and
businesses in thenew development.
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