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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 31
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FuturePlan -WillastonCemeteryConservation
Management Plan
Plan is expected to be finalised by June 2015
TheGawlerAquaticCentreAsset Management Plan
will be developed in conjunctionwith theGawler Open
Space, Sport &RecreationPlan 2014-2025. Recent
upgrades to the centre include pipework replacement
anda sunshade project tobe implemented in late 2014
with the assistance of funding received from theState
Government’s office for Recreation andSport. The
pool’s heater is also panned to be upgraded.
FuturePlan - GawlerAquaticCentreAsset
TheAsset Management Planwill bea key document
in relation to futuremaintenance and development of
theGawlerAquaticCentre. The development of the
GawlerAquaticCentreAsset Management Planwill be
undertaken during 2014/15.
Gawler Transport andTrafficManagement Plan
Adraft Gawler Transport andTrafficManagement
Plan has beenprepared toprovide clear guidance
and strategic policy directions for transport and traffic
measureswithin theTown of Gawler, in response to
the current and futureexpansion of new commercial
and residential growth areas (Gawler East, New
Transport andTraffic issueswithinGawler are also
being impacted by development in both the Light and
BarossaCouncil areas.
ThePlanwill be released for community consultation
and discussion in thenew financial year to ensure that
all issues and concerns raised by the community are
considered in its preparation.
FuturePlan - Gawler Transport andTraffic
Management Plan
TheDraft Gawler Transport andTrafficManagement
Plan to be released for CommunityConsultation.
Subsequently the document will be provided to various
stakeholders, authorities and the community for their
reviewand feedback.
ThePlan is expected to be finalised inmid 2015.
Gawler andSurroundsStormwaterManagement
During 2013/14Council was successful ingaining
$230,000 in funding to prepare aGawler and
SurroundsStormwaterManagement Plan. ThisPlan
will identify floodmitigationmeasures for theGawler
River andNorth andSouthParaRivers, within the
study area, to reduce the risk of flood damage. The
StormwaterManagement Planwill identify deficiencies
in the existing stormwater systemwithin the study
area, particularly the existing developed areas.
Council staff are finalisingCouncil’s stormwater asset
information and a project brief for thePlan to go to
tender. ThePlan is estimated to take approximately 18
months to complete andwill involve a comprehensive
community consultation.
FuturePlan - Gawler andSurroundsStormwater
Management Plan
TheTown of Gawler will beworking collaboratively
in 2014/15with Light Regional Council, TheBarossa
Council, theStormwaterManagementAuthority and
theNatural ResourceManagement Board to prepare
theSMP. It is expected that thisPlanwill be prepared
inDraft format by June2015with completion of the
SMPexpected tobe early 2016.
Mainstreet SA
Not-For-Profit associationMainstreet SA, sought
anExpression of Interest from theTown of Gawler
inSeptember 2013 to partner withMainstreet SA in
hosting itsSouthAustralian 2014Conference.
The timing of Council agreeing to sponsor andhost
this conference in the context of current local initiatives
relative to theGawler TownCentre andGawler’sMain
Streetswas considereda significant and important
opportunity for the general and local business
community tomeet, discuss and consider the future of
Gawler in a broader Regional, State andNational Main
Street context.
The conference theme “Creating an Identity” directly
related towhere theTown of Gawler and inparticular
MurrayStreet, is positioned in defining its placeboth
now and in the future.As the conference attracts
international and national speakers, the conference
was an ideal opportunity to exposeand show case
brand ‘Gawler’ to an audience of key decisionmakers,
investors and government officials.
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