Gawler 2013-14 Annual Report - page 32

Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 32
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• statutory information • index
“ ThePlaceNext Door” anActivateGawler event
Outcome 3.1:
Well InformedCommunity
Strategy 3.1.1 - UseCouncil’s resources as a key source of accurate, timely and accessible information for the community
Outcome 3.2:
Strategy 3.2.1 - Improve safety of the public environment
Strategy 3.2.2 - Hazards reduced for the community
Outcome 3.3:
AResilient Community
Strategy 3.3.1 - Council continuity and community resilience in the event of amajor incident
Strategy 3.3.2 -Opportunities for youth, agedanddisabledparticipationwhichalignswithCouncil’sSocial andCommunity
ServiceStrategy (S2.2.2)
Outcome 3.4:
Strategy 3.4.1 - Community and visitor use of the town’s sport, recreation, open space andwalking and cyclingpaths is
Outcome 3.5:
ACommunityThat isEngaging andParticipating
Strategy 3.5.1 - Volunteering as a critical method for delivering serviceswithinour community
Strategy 3.5.2 -Acommunity that welcomes, informs and involves residents and visitors
Strategy 3.5.3 -Acreativearts and cultural programwhich alignswithCouncil’sSocial andCommunityServicesStrategy
Strategy 3.5.4 - Goodurban design
Strategy 3.5.5 - Community and cultural events as a defining characteristic of the townwithCouncil’s rolealignedwith itsSocial
Strategy 3.5.6 - Promoteand support local and regional tourism initiatives
Council supportscommunitygroups
todeliver services that address local
needsandprovideactivities for
social interaction.Communitygroups
typicallyhaveacommonset of needs
suchasaccess to land, buildingsor
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