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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
• summary • strategic directions • statutory information • index
While annual reporting is amandatory requirement
under theLocal GovernmentAct 1999, Council
embraces this requirement as anopportunity to
demonstrate its commitment to open, transparent
and accountable governance.
TheTownof Gawler continues todemonstratea
commitment toworkingwith the community,
business and industry, developing our region to its
full potential.
TheAnnual Report is divided into threemain
Section 1 - Report Summary
Asummary containing information onCouncil and
Section 2 - StrategicDirections
Outlines performance against theStrategicPlan,
includingachievements and future plans.
Section 3 - Statutory Information
Contains the statutory requirements forAnnual
Reports as governed by the Local GovernmentAct
1999of SouthAustralia.
Purposeof theAnnual Report
Other documents that complement theAnnual Report
2013/14NAWMAAnnual Report
2013/14GRFMAAnnual Report
(Gawler River FloodplainManagementAuthority).
CEOHenry Inat participating in theWorlds
Greatest Shave
2014AustraliaDayAmbassador, RimaChahoud
JimmyBarnes inConcert inGawler
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