Gawler 2013-14 Annual Report - page 42

Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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• statutory information • index
Managenatural andbuilt
Gawler’s identity is directly linked to
the town’s impressive collectionof
historic privateand public buildings
and the river system and adjoining
parklands. The community also
has an expectation that Council will
improve both environmental and
recreation outcomes from open
space and community facilities.
Outcome 4.1:
Strategy 4.1.1 - Leadership and opportunity for creative development solutionswith local input
Outcome 4.2:
GoodQualityOpenSpace that Responds to
CommunityNeeds andAttractsUse
Strategy 4.2.1 -AnOpenSpaceStrategy that identifies current needs and influences future development
Strategy 4.2.2 - Disposal of Council landwith limited community function or benefit
Outcome 4.3:
Strategy 4.3.1 - Roads, footpaths and bike trailsmaintained at a level of service that is acceptableandwhich the
community canafford
Strategy 4.3.2 - Infrastructure assets at a level of service that is acceptableandwhich the community canafford
Strategy 4.3.3 - Property assets at a level of service that is acceptable andwhich the community can afford
Strategy 4.3.4 - Historical andCultureassetsmanaged inways that areacceptable andwhich the community canafford
Outcome 4.4:
ABetter Environment
Strategy 4.4.1 -Minimisewater use
Strategy 4.4.2 - Improve the natural andbuilt environment and promote community awareness and participation
Strategy 4.4.3 - Reduce energy and resource use in relation toCouncil’s assets andoperations
Strategy 4.4.4 - Reducewaste to landfill and increase diversionof recyclables, organics and hazardousmaterials
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