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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Achievements&FuturePlans for 2013/14
Gawler Recreational Precinct (ReidReserve)
With aStateGovernment grant, developer funding
and land, 2013/14 saw the creation of aReserve
Precinct to be known asReidReserve. The$1.02m
ReidReserveProject is a cluster of open spaces
between theGawler River, theNorthernExpressway
and theRoseworthy railway line. This large open
space “Reserve” in the suburb of Reid, comprises
approximately 250,000 squaremetres of flood-prone
land (where houses cannot be built). The land has
been vested toCouncil and the community.
The primary objective of theReidReserveProject is
to construct sharedwalking and cycling linkages (i.e.
“sharedpaths”) betweenPaternoster Road and the
Town of Gawler via existing riverside shared paths and
bridges. Key parts of the project includeworkingwith
indigenous peoples and local community groups to
develop a regionally significant outcome for the river
frontage and access along the river alignment.
The project is nearing completionwithmost paths,
structures and infrastructure established. Council
also identified significant savings in the project
andundertook during the reporting period further
community consultation to finalise future infrastructure
andnatural features to be established in theReserve
FuturePlan - Gawler Recreational Precinct (Reid
Followingmonths of planning, preparation,
consultationand construction the $1.02million project
is scheduled for completion during early 2014/15. It
is expected that byOctober 2014 theReidReserve
will be open to the community to use and explore
the numerous paths and natural areas available for
With the savings identified during 2013/14Council
was in the position to provideBBQ areas, shelters and
other facilities in linewith the funding requirements and
community expectations.
ReidReserve is destined to further develop into a
model ReservePrecinct for the local community and
visitors and is awonderful showcase of environmental
restoration andmulti-use recreational grounds, in such
a natural surround created by theGawler River.
UpgradeStage 2
This project provided a route for heavy vehicles
to bypassMurrayStreet while still ensuring
safer passage and improved connectivity from
NorthernAdelaide to theBarossa viaGawler.As a
consequence, MurrayStreet is nowmore user friendly
precinct for vehicles and pedestrians andprovides a
place for people. This project was completedwithin
budget and certificate of practical completion issued
26thSeptember 2013.
TheUpgrade of theClonleaParkPrecinct has
included the development of aYouthPrecinct adjacent
the newSkatePark facility and includes family
friendly facilities inclusiveof a junior scooter path and
innovative, interactive adventure landscaped paths
and playground.
SupportedbyaStateGovernment Department of
Planning, Transport and Infrastructure theGawler
YouthOpenSpacePrecinct Project (YouthPrecinct) is
proving tobea vibrant,multi-use, andattractiveopen-
space zoneadjacent theSkatePark. TheProject was
completedwithinbudget early in the year, with the
scopeof works inclusiveof theMurrayStreet footpath
upgradebetweenCaltonRoadandBridgeStreet South.
ReviewEvanstonGardens, Kudla, Hillier, Milne
TheTown of Gawler has begun preparing anAnalytical
Report incorporating a preliminary proposal to the
issue of the capacity of theMilneRoadDrain. The
Report will analyse various options and proposals
against cost and risk, to determine themost efficient,
economical solution. TheReport will consider the
possibility of future expansionwithin the catchment
area of the drain, futuremaintenance,Water Sensitive
UrbanDesign, stormwater harvest and reuse.
TheReport is expected to recommend coordination
steps and identify opportunitieswithin the southern
Gawler urban areas development, taking intoaccount
the existing residents, current and future landuse.
FuturePlan - ReviewEvanstonGardens, Kudla,
Hillier, MilneRoadDrainageChannel
The report on theMilneRoadDrain issuewill be
presented toCouncil in late 2014. Subject toCouncil
resolution the preparation of designswill get underway
in early 2015.
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