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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 44
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DisabilityAccess at PublicConvenience inClonlea
Project is toprovide disabled facilities to thepublic
convenience inClonleaReserve. The project is to be
constructed during the upgrade toClonleaSkatePark
Precinct Project.
Refurbishment ofWillastonCemeteryGates and
Following strong public expectation the gates at the
StateHeritage listedWillastonCemeterywere restored
to their original glory. The project also included
landscaping improvements to the cemetery entrance.
Restorationworks included rust removal and repairs
undertaken by a person experienced in conserving
historicmetal structures.Apaint scrape analysis
was also needed be undertaken and approved by
theDepartment of Environment,Water andNatural
CommunityEnergyEfficiencyProgram - Gawler
During2013/14work commenced on the ‘Gawler
GoingGreen’ project to improve the energy efficiency
in keyCouncil buildings and community facilities.
Theproject is funded by theAustralianGovernments
CommunityEnergyEfficiencyProgram and is
scheduled tobe completed by the end of 2015.
Theprogramwas funded by theStateGovernment
Department of ClimateChange andEnergyEfficiency
–a community inclusion and energy efficiency project.
TheTown of Gawler is now implementing sustainable
energy-efficiency projects consisting of:
1 Acomprehensive community educationprogram,
targeting lower socio-economic and
disadvantagedmembers of the community and
2 Upgrading five, civic and non-residential,
community use buildingswith energy efficient
measures. Theproject will promotemeasureable
cost efficiencies and encourageGawler energy
consumers to adopt their ownenergy-efficient
FuturePlan - CommunityEnergyEfficiency
Program - GawlerGoingGreen
Council is on track to complete theStateGovernment
fundedGawler GoingGreen project to improve
theenergy efficiency of keyCouncil buildings and
community facilities in 2014/15.
DemolishGreyhoundGrandstand at GawlerOval
Council resolved in 2013/14 to facilitatea of new
GreyhoundRacingSAbuildingat theGawler Sports
andCommunityCentre. TheCouncil investment was
in linewith plans for a possible expansionon the
GreyhoundRacing building as amulti-use community
facility. Aspecial conditionwas included in the
GreyhoundRacingSA lease to provide for shareduse
of the facility.
FuturePlan - DemolishGreyhoundGrandstandat
TheGreyhoundClub to demolish theGrandstandand
other related infrastructure in 2014/15. Negotiations on
the lease conditions are being finalised.
During the 2013/14 year, Council’sDevelopment
Assessment team assessed several large
development applications relating to new land
development inGawler East, Gawler South and
EvanstonGardenswere assessed. This reflects
another busy year as theCouncil areagrows and
develops into a busy regional centre. Some other
development assessment initiatives included.
Process Improvement Project
TheDevelopmentAssessment team has commenced
a project to improve and streamline the development
assessment process. Thiswill involve a reviewof all
existing processes and procedures. Researchwill also
occur to ensure best practice approaches are being
used. The aimof this project is to improve the number
of days it takes to assess a development application,
and to also provide better service toGawler’s citizens.
WorkingwithCouncil’s ITDepartment, a new initiative
has allowed an interactive tool to beplaced on
Council’swebsite, allowing anymember of thepublic
to see the status of a development application in real
As part of theStateGovernment’s “ThinkDesign
Deliver” project (TheExpert Panel onPlanning
Reform), staff in conjunctionwithElectedMembers
have reviewed theStateGovernment’s progress
in reviewing the current SAplanning system. Final
recommendationswill be developed later in 2014.
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