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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 45
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Install Street andParkFurniture inMainStreet
During the financial year street furniturewas installed
as part of StageThree of theMurrayStreet upgrade.
The installationwas completed after the renovation of
PedestrianCrossing inParaRoadoppositeGawler
Due tounsafe connections for school children
betweenGawler &District College andEvanston
RailwayStation, Council work collaborativelywith the
school andStateGovernment to install new school
UpgradePaternoster Road, Reid
Paternoster Road is locatedadjacent to theGawler
Bypass inReid andwas subject to upgrade using
developer contributions andCouncil funds. The
upgrade includednew kerbing, road reconstruction
andnew footpath andwas undertaken byCouncil’s
CivilWorksTeam. Theproject was completed and
provideswalking connections and linkages to the
Stuart O’Grady cycleway.
Construct PathLinkages at NorthernEntrances for
SkatePark (TownCentreUpgradeProject)
Council approved in2013/14 the reallocation of
savings identified in the construction of theAlternative
HeavyVehicleRoute. $120Kwasmade available to
construct path linkages fromGawler toClonleaSkate
ParkPrecinct. This project also forms part of the
conditions to satisfy theClonleaSkateParkPlanning
Concept planswerebeingprepared inmid2014
and consultation is underwaywith theDepartment of
PlanningTransport and Infrastructure. TheProject is
to continue into14/15 financial year.
FuturePlan - Construct PathLinkages at Northern
Entrances for SkatePark (TownCentreUpgrade
ThisPathLinkagesProject fromGawler toClonlea
Park includes the upgrading of pedestrian crossings
acrossMainNorthRoad fromGawler Central rail
crossing toWillastonBridge zone. During the 2013/14
financial year theworkswere put on holdwhilst
Council staff continued negotiationswith theState
Government (DPTI) on the proposed scopeof works
as this sectionof MainNorthRoad is under the control
of StateGovernment. Negotiationswill continue into
ImproveOpenSpaceandPlaces for PeopleAnnual
During 2013/14Town of Gawler CaringFor Our
Country FundingApplicationwas approved, based
on 50/50 funding of $50,000 each year for four to
five years. Council is developing aworks program
based on theRiver Survey andGawler UrbanRivers
Master Plan to be presented toNatural Resource
Management Board (NRM) bymid-October 2014.This
project involvesworkingwith theAdelaide andMount
LoftyRangesNRM to improve the biodiversity and to
address the erosion issues of theSouthPara, North
Para and theGawler River Riparian corridor.
Other action and improvementswere implemented
from theGawler UrbanRiverMaster Plan include the
installation of path signage, bins, seating, recreational
facilities, shelters, landscaping, planting.
FuturePlan - ImproveOpenSpaceandPlaces for
PeopleAnnual Program
Project expected to continue over the next four years
with funding approval received in principlewith the
NRM.Works over the coming yearswill include,
rehabilitationworks along the river corridors this
included slope rehabilitationworks plantings.
Council will also establish aWorkingGroup of Council
Members andCommunityRepresentatives tooversee
this project.
RehabilitateNorthParaRiver Bank andHallam
This project involved river bank reinstatement
andwater quality improvementswhich included
the construction of trash rack, energy dissipation
structures andminor works to correct river bank profile
with replanting to protect against erosion.
Project commenced and completedwithin budget
during the year.
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