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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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RehabilitateGawlerMill InnBridge
During2013/14$30,000worthof repairs to footpaths
and safety fences at theGawler Bridgewere
completed to commence the process tomaintain the
integrity of the bridge structure. Cracks on the concrete
footpathswere sealed. Expansion and construction
joints at the footpathswere repaired. Safety fence
posts and rails upstreamwere repaired and painted.
Abridge structural inspectionwas undertakenby the
bridge structural engineers of Department of Planning,
Transport and Infrastructure to assess the condition
of thebridge structure andCouncil received the
InspectionReport inearly 2014. Based on the findings
in theReport, futuremaintenance and repair workwill
need to be planned.
Fundingwill be sought from Local Government Grants
Commission under Special Project Grants.
UpgradeMurrayStreet FootpathStage 4
TheMurrayStreet footpath upgradebetweenWalker
Place andBridgeStreet Southwas completedwithin
Budget during the year.
Additional works on the footpath upgrade fromTown
Hall toCaltonRoad, plus outdoor dining facilities for
theGoldenFleece andKingsfordHotelswere also
completedand involved the installationof footpath
extensions. It is noteworthy that both footpath
extensions for theoutdoor dinner facilitieswere paid
for by the relevant hotel owners.
UpgradeWillastonOval Stormwater Drainage
Upgrades toElliot GoodgerMemorial car park facilities
and stormwater were completed during the year.
Works included installationof underground drainage,
kerbingworks and regrading.
FootpathRenewal Program
Footpath sections onMainNorthRd (Drury toHigh
St), EighteenthSt (ThirteenSt toEighthSt), CaltonRd
(DuffieldSt toEast Tce), RedbanksRd (MNR toAyling
St), FourthSt (AdelaideRd toFifthSt) andCameron
St (Jacob toTodSt) were commenced and completed
within budget during 2013/14. Someworks remain to
be completed in July 2014 due towet weather delays.
KerbandGutter Renewal Program
Civil works inclusive ofAdelaideRd, Gawler South,
replacement of 120m of existing northern kerbing,
south of 120mof TwentySecondSt were near to
completionand tobudget at the end of the reporting
period.Asmall section is planned to be completed in
July 2014, due towet weather events slowing down
RoadReseal Program
The following scope of workswere completed in
2013/14 - Street KerbingUpgrade andResheeting
following street sections (2200m total length) with
“Hotmix”Asphalt: Carr St (McKinlayAve toDawesDr),
DawesDr (Carr St toCul-de-sac), DuffieldSt (Rudall
toAyersSt), FifteenthStreet (OverwayBridgeRd to
CrosbyAve), Goodger St (Coombe toMcKinlayAve),
GreeningDrive (AngusAve toNo 25), HaylesRoad
(MainNorth toNicholsonRd), McKinlayAve (Rudall
toGozzardSt), MorrowAvenue (MainNorthRd to
No 16), NicholsonRoad (Lot 2 toHalesRd), Dawson
Rd (Para toDysart Rd), Taylor Street (CaltonRd to
BarossaAve), Roundabout First/FifthStreets and
Roundabout First/ThirdStreets. Project commenced
and completed successfully andwithin budget plus
additional works carried out.
Install BusStops andor SheltersProgram
The 2013/14 financial year saw the installation
completed of two new bus shelters at Coleman
Parade, EvanstonPark. StateGovernment offered
funding for two additional bus shelter whichCouncil
applied for and received. The new shelters are
scheduled to be installed inWillaston by years end.
New shelters have been orderedwith installation
scheduled July/August 2014.
ReplaceLight Fleet vehicles
Council policy required in 2013/14 the replacement
of eight light fleet vehicles due to ensure operational
requirements aremet and the very best value is
provided for theCouncil andGawler Community in
respect to the resale valueof the used light vehicles.
FuturePlan - ReplaceLight Fleet vehicles
Council will review its light and heavy fleet policy and
procurement practice to ensure ongoing value for
UpgradeApexParkPlayground and install Fitness
TheApexPark Fitness andRecreational Precinct will
consist of two projects and is due for implementation
by end of 2015;
The first will be the installation of a fitness trail which
will comprise of four static fitness stations spreadout
overApexPark and adjoining precinct areas. Each
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