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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 5
StrategicPlan 2010 - 2018
Council’sStrategicPlan2010-2018provides the framework
for achieving thestrategicgoals for theeight (8) years
asdesignated.Toachieve thestrategicgoals, anAnnual
BusinessPlan ispreparedeachfinancial year,which focuses
onachievingCouncil’sprioritiesover thenext 12months. In
2013,Council will undertakea reviewof theStrategicPlan
andseekcommunity input intoGawler’s futuredirections.
This isavital process toensure that communityaspirations
guideCouncil todeliver the typeof townandcommunity
Gawler residentswant to live,workandplay in.Theupdate
to theStrategicPlan2010-2018will be in the formof a
CommunityPlan2014-2024will beundertakennext year.
This year, Council commenced a reviewof the
planning and development policies containedwithin
theDevelopment Plan toensure theywere consistent
with theSouthAustralianPlanningStrategy, Council’s
StrategicPlanand community aspirations. This process is
a requirement under Section 30 of theDevelopmentAct
1993.All Councilsmust review their Development Plan
every five (5) years or when theStatePlanningStrategy is
altered, in order todeterminehow the aims and objectives
of theStrategy can be implemented in their local area.
ATown of Gawler StrategicDirectionsReport was
progressed, outlining a strategic vision for growth in the
Council area bymeans of a program of Development
PlanAmendments (DPA’s). This transforms the strategic
vision intoDevelopment Plan content. Finalisationof the
StrategicDirectionsReport is expected to occur inOctober
InfrastructureandAssetManagement Plan
Council’s InfrastructureandAssetManagement Plancovers
all assets; property, infrastructure, plant andequipment as
described inTownofGawler’sAssetRegister.Thepurposeof
thePlan is toensure the long-term, sustainablemanagement
ofCouncil’sassetsappropriate tocommunityexpectations
andCouncil’sneeds.ThisPlanwasupdated thisyear to
considerCouncil’sStrategicPlan,Development Plan, Long
TermFinancial PlanandAnnual BusinessPlans.
LongTermFinancial Plan
The LongTermFinancial Plan is reviewed and updated
annually to provide an indicative 10 year outlook of
Council’s longer-term financial aspirations.
The primary financial goal of theCouncil is toensure
that the recurrent operations and activities are financially
sustainable – as represented by a recurring breakeven
operating result.
Annual BusinessPlans / Budget
TheAnnual BusinessPlan identifies the specific actions
and program of workswhichwill be undertakenbyCouncil
during the year. TheAnnual BusinessPlan is directly
linked to the objectives and strategies containedwithin the
Ongoing reporting
Financial performance,monitoringand reportingareongoing
processes throughout thefinancial year.Monthly reportswere
provided toCouncil toprogressivelymonitor theperformance
against thebudget.
Inaddition, comprehensivequarterly reviewsof thebudget
wereconductedand reported toCouncil andalso incorporate
performanceagainst variousnon-financialmeasures.
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