Gawler 2013-14 Annual Report - page 50

Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Organisational Excellence
Thepotential for rapidgrowthand
requireefficient andwellmanaged
Council programs that areadequately
Council governance.
Town of Gawler Council buildings
Outcome 5.1:
SustainableFinancial Management
Strategy 5.1.1 - Prudent financial management with performance improvements over time
Strategy 5.1.2 - Partnerships that facilitate linkages between service providers, adjoiningCouncils, other spheres of
Government, developers and other stakeholders
Strategy 5.1.3 - Balance servicedemandwithavailable resources
Outcome 5.2:
Strategy 5.2.1 - Leadership around key local government and community issueswith long-term strategic decisionmaking
underpinning all significant decisions
Outcome 5.3:
Strategy 5.3.1 -Asystem of an administrationandelectedbody representationwhich communicateswithand represents the
diverse views of the community and delivers public value
Outcome 5.4:
Strategy 5.4.1 - Policies, practices and procedures todeliver excellent customer serviceand opendecisionmaking
Strategy 5.4.2 -Apply best-practice inensuringCouncil’s legal interests are protected, risks areminimised, policies are
regularly reviewedandeffective, purchasing is fair andequitable, and theworkplace is fair and safe
Strategy 5.4.3 - Responsive customer services (external and internal)
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