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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
Page 52
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To ensure a friendly user system two programswhere
revisedand redesigned
1. An online training register – this program allows
staff to put in an application to attend training and
an approval function for Team Leader/Manager,
after the training sessions staff are emailed to
review the training session.
2. ACorrectiveandPreventiveActionRegister -
this program is usedwhen aWHS Issue is
identified andwhat controls are to be used and
who the task is assigned to.
TheTrainingNeedsAnalysis is aworkforce
development strategy and fits into theworkforce
planning process.
Theorganisation looks at the core competencies, and
compliance ormandatory requirements; functional
skill areas likemanagement that are needed across
multiple job roles, admin and IT, customers service
or workforce health and safety; and then job specific
skills that makes one job role different fromanother.
Without the right skills and targeted investment in
learning and development, anorganisation cannot
compete successfully.
FuturePlan - TrainingNeedsAnalysis
Further refinement of theOrganisationsTraining and
Development programwill occur in 2014/15 to further
ensure the skills and capabilities better fit with service
standards to beprovided to the community.
WorkHealthSafety& InjuryManagement
Townof Gawler is committed to thehealth and safety
of our employees, volunteers and contractors. Our
Management Systems approach toWorkHealth and
Safety (WHS) and InjuryManagement (IM) is in line
with our organisationalWHS visionof “A futurewhere
Townof Gawler embrace an integratedWHS culture
that is legislatively compliant andprovides a safework
environment for all workers”.
Organisational Development
Asignificant change introducedat the beginning of
the financial year was to introduce a ‘flat’ reporting
structure. PreviousDirector roleswere removed,
Divisionswere subsequently created andDivisional
Managers recruited.
While it is acknowledged that inmany instances
external recruitment brings expertise and a fresh
approach, as part of the restructure opportunities
have provided targeted career planning to promote
appropriate staff development.
Wewill continue to build a culture that is performance-
focused and proactive in seeking todeliver services as
efficiently and effectively as possible.
Wewill embrace existing and new technology to
improve skills in selecting, rolling out and using
systems and applications, resulting in effective
utilisation of online information.
Wewill developmulti-skilled teams to enable greater
Wewill continue to improve our skills to ensure
that great customer service remains at the heart
of Council’s service provision. Thiswill involve
increasing skills to enablebetter sharing of customer
feedback data between customers and operational
2014Local GovernmentManagersAustralia
The program aims to provide participantswith the
next steps following theEmerging LeadersProgram
or for themanager wanting tomove forward in their
leadership career. The program is designed toboth
complement and build on the skills developed through
theEmerging LeadersProgram, to develop analytical
capabilities in areas such as legislative context,
finance, operations and strategy.
Staff engaged in the 2014 program are Jeannette
Lockwood andNeil Langley.
As part of a commitment toOrganisational Excellence,
theCouncil has continued to deliver learning and
development opportunities to provide staff with the
capabilities required tomeet current and future
business objectives.
Council’sWorkforcePlanwill endeavour to buildan
organisational culturewhich continues to attract and
retain great staff. With ahigh performing culture
Council will strengthen its relationshipwith the
business community and other partners to deliver
services efficiently and to a high standard.
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