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Town of GawlerAnnual Report 2013/14
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Regional Procurement Collaboration
TheTown of Gawler, in partnershipwith the Light
Regional Council, TheBarossaCouncil,AdelaideHills
Council, MallalaDistrict Council andCity of Playford
have entered into a collaborativeapproach for
procurement of services and products. TheCouncils
areworking together to create economies of scale to
deliver thebest value for ratepayersmoney through
joint tender processes.
FuturePlan - Regional Procurement Collaboration
Regional procurement opportunitieswill continue to
bepursued in the 2014/15 year. The primary focus
of which is to achievemore effective expenditure in
delivering of more affordable service andproduct
outcomes. Increasing local business participation in
Council’s procurement programwill continue to be a
LongTermFinancial Plan
TheLongTermFinancial Planwas reviewed during
the reporting period.With a 10 year forwardhorizon,
thePlan effectively acts as a financial ‘roadmap’ for
theCouncil. The LongTermFinancial Plan forecasts
a return to anoperating surplus by the 2014/15
financial year, consistent with theAudit Committee
challenge put toCouncil Administration inFebruary
2011 (the adoptedbudget for 2014/15was ultimately
representative of a $33k operating surplus).
Theongoing implementation of Council’s prudent
and effectiveTreasuryManagement principles saw a
further reduction in theNet Financial LiabilitiesRatio
during the reporting period (from 53% to 49%). Prior to
the change inCouncil’s loan funding strategy inearly
2012, the ratio result had been consistently increasing
towardsCouncil’s policymaximum threshold of 100%
(whereby the net financial liabilities of theCouncil
matched the total annual operating revenue), with the
ratio result peaking at 86% as at 30 June 2011.
The revised strategy has culminated in no external
loan borrowings since 2010/2011, which has been a
major catalyst towards the consistent improvement in
the ratio result. Importantly, the reduced ratio result
has created future loan borrowing capacity, should
it be required, towards the purchase / construction
of new and/or upgraded community assets. Since
2011/12, Council has reduced its loan indebtedness
and associated interest costs by approximately 20%.
Financial Policies
All of Council’s key financial policieswere reviewed
during the reporting period. Further to this, the
following new policieswere created in 2013/14:
ServiceRangePolicy andCommunity LoansPolicy.
TheServiceRangePolicy prescribes the services
that are provided by theCouncil and, subsequent
to this, Service Level Policies (for the various
services outlined in theServiceRangePolicy) will
be progressively developed. TheCommunity Loans
Policywas developed to provide policy guidance
relative to the consideration andassessment of
community loan applications.
Cultural Mapping
Culturemapping is to be introduced toCouncil through
a human synergistic tool to look at howwe think
about and interpret situations and how this influences
our reactions and responses. It is about measuring
andquantifying organisational behaviour and the
individual, group and organisation levels. It is about
improving theway people think, interact andwork
together and building strategies for improvement. It
will provide a profile of the organisations operating
culture and create a vision of the ideal or preferred
culture for the organisation. It will provide leadership
In parallel to the development of a newCommunity
Planwork has commenced on the development
of anewCorporatePlan 2015 - 2018.While the
CommunityPlan isCouncil principal overarching
strategic document, theCorporatePlan outlines the
actions and key performance indicator that will ensure
Council achieves the vision, goals, objectives and
strategies outlined theCommunityPlan over the next
four years. It is envisaged that theCorporatePlanwill
be finalised in first half of the 2014/15 financial period.
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