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17 Gawler Projects To Get Excited About In 2022

12th January 2022
Council is planning significant works across Gawler this year. Find out more about each project.

As 2022 commences, the Town of Gawler will continue with its delivery of a range of significant projects.

Gawler Mayor Karen Redman says this year is shaping up to be another busy and productive 12 months for the council, with key works scheduled for either commencement or completion.

“From the progression of our Boundary Reform proposal to the impending release of our Draft Climate Emergency Action Plan for community consultation, council has a number of significant projects and policies that will continue to take big steps forward over the next 12 months," Mayor Redman said.

“I’m particularly excited to see how our community engages with our Participatory Budgeting initiative, which places up to $40,000 straight into the hands of our constituents who will vote on how that funding is spent within Gawler next financial year.

“We look forward to continue delivering for Gawler in 2022.”

“Council has committed to delivering some major infrastructure works throughout 2022,”

Town of Gawler CEO Henry Inat added that a number of works council has committed to delivering in 2022 will see new, major infrastructure built within the town and directly benefit residents.

“With the assistance of State and Federal Government grants, we have a significant works program scheduled over the next 12 months that will see projects such as the Gawler Visitor Information Lift Installation come to fruition, and important progress made on other developments including the Karbeethan Reserve upgrades and Greater Adelaide Cycle Way connection," Mr Inat said.

“It is an exciting time for Gawler and the community.”

Key Town of Gawler projects to be undertaken in 2022

Gawler Visitor Information Centre Lift Installation

Council is upgrading the Gawler Visitor Information Centre to create a new home for the Gawler Community Gallery. This $745,361 project, of which $654,000 will be spent solely on construction costs, is supported by a Federal Government grant of around $593,000. The upgrade includes the installation of a commercial passenger lift and building refurbishments that create an art display space on the ground floor and an exhibition gallery with office, meeting and workshop space on the first floor. The upgrade should be completed in early 2022 with an exhibition to launch the new facility being planned for March. This project will provide a great opportunity to build the tourism industry and support the local art economy.

Princes Park Community Recreation Hub

This project will transform an inactivated area into a vibrant green open space that encourages recreation, enhances connectivity to other open space areas and creates opportunities for the community to come together. Supported by a State Government grant ($356,500), the $713,000 project is a key deliverable of the Essex Park and Gawler Showgrounds Regional Sporting Precinct Master Plan and will create a unique and high-quality community recreation and play space that will increase the range of unstructured recreation opportunities at Princes Park.

Karbeethan Reserve Stage 1

The delivery of the $1.951 million Stage 1 of the Karbeethan Reserve Master Plan is being supported by a State Government grant ($900,000). This project upgrades key community sporting infrastructure that supports organised sport and provides open space areas for the local community to undertake passive recreation activities, supporting the well-being of the local community. Delivering a Division 1 standard baseball diamond, a softball diamond, playing surface upgrades to existing soccer and shared turf areas, new irrigation, LED sports lighting and player shelters, this project seeks to maintain and improve the high liveability of Gawler and the Northern Region.

Gawler Cycle Way Project

Linking the Stuart O’Grady Bikeway to The Barossa Trail ($1,815,672), this initiative is subsidised by a State Government grant ($678,269) and The Barossa Council ($504,396). This project delivers a carefully planned cycle route that considers social connection, amenity, safety and access. Connecting these cycle paths will result in a continuous cycle route from Adelaide to the Barossa Valley, which will have benefits for cyclists, tourists, businesses and the whole regional community. The project formally connects the two regional cycle paths and the existing shared path network capitalising on both the Town of Gawler and Barossa Council’s significant investment in cycling infrastructure.

Hillier Fireground Rehabilitation

Council is partnering with the State Government to improve flood management along the Gawler River. A bushfire impacted stretch of the Gawler River in Hillier has left remnants of burnt-out riparian vegetation that has the potential to move in high river flow and lodge in downstream infrastructure. The bushfire-affected section also has significant weeds, instability and erosion that all impact the health of the Gawler River. Improving the general condition of the river will benefit the flow of water and achieve environmental outcomes including native biodiversity. This $530,000 project is supported by a State Government grant ($440,000).

Greenlight Project


LED lighting will be installed around Gawler as part of the project.

Council is leading the way in the region to implement community-wide climate change and energy efficiency measures. The $1.295 million Greenlight Project is a practical measure to address climate change that creates jobs and growth, protects the environment and supports community wellbeing. The project will see over 5,000 streetlights changed to low emission, energy efficient alternatives that will reduce energy costs to the community and make a meaningful contribution to achieving carbon neutrality and climate change resilience. Potential energy savings of $210,000 per year has been calculated with 288 tonnes of carbon dioxide reduction each year.

Kaurna Cultural Heritage Project

This project will deliver a cultural assessment of areas of significance along the North Para, South Para and Gawler Rivers with a view to documenting the cultural heritage of the region. This will include conducting archaeological and some anthropological surveys to account for both aspects of cultural heritage sites and identifying opportunities to add value, both economic and social, to the community. The Aboriginal cultural heritage survey work will assist Council to identify and manage Aboriginal cultural heritage sites and/or areas of potential heritage sensitivity in view of its legal obligations under the SA Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988. The work should also provide good basis for future management of Aboriginal cultural heritage sites and values, as well as educative and interpretive potential for other projects as the Kaurna community see fit. The $50,000 project is supported by a $20,000 Federal Government grant.

Gawler Ageing Well Framework


Local residents are encourage to have their say on the framework.

This project aims to help identify the key issues affecting older people living in and around Gawler and formulate strategies to address any unmet or identified needs. This will be achieved in several ways, but largely focuses on documenting current initiatives and programs that are already available in the community and identifying any additional supports that may be required for their sustainability. It also includes acknowledging what our older residents already contribute to our community and generating new opportunities for active participation. Delivering the $50,000 Framework is supported by a State Government grant ($35,000). Read more here.

Access Improvements to Public Transport – Tambelin

This project will provide improved access to the public transport hub of Tambelin Railway Station. Largely funded by a State Government grant ($150,000), the works involve improving pedestrian access to and from the railway station, ensuring that the improvements also cater for mobility impaired members of the community.

Participatory Budgeting

Council is embarking on a new engagement strategy with its community by providing an opportunity to vote on how it should allocate up to $40,000 of funding within its 2022/23 Annual Budget. The Participatory Budgeting program is a two-phase approach to community participation. The first seeks open feedback from the community regarding their ideas as to what the draft funding allocation can deliver. The second phase asks the community to vote on a shortlist of Council endorsed projects, with the project or projects that receive the highest amount of support being delivered within the 2022/23 financial year.

Beautification Plan

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An artist's impression of the southern Main North Road entrance.

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