Lifting of Genetically Modified Crops Moratorium

15th July 2020
Community Consultation is now open and seeking feedback on whether an application to the Minister, to remain GM crop free, should be made by Council.

The State Government recently lifted the moratorium to allow Genetically Modified Crops (GMCs) to be grown in South Australia, with the exception of Kangaroo Island. Councils may apply to the Minister of Primary Industries and Regional Development to remain GMC free.

The Town of Gawler now seeks to consult with its Community on whether such an application to the Minister should be made by Council.

Public Consultation will be conducted commencing Wednesday 15 July and concluding Tuesday 4 August 2020, including a variety of written submission options or a community survey -

Further information is available on Council’s Your Voice platform and all consultation feedback received will be considered by Council following the close of the Public Consultation period. A formal decision on proceeding with an application to the Minister will be made at the Ordinary Council Meeting in August.

If Council is to lodge an application, it will need to demonstrate to the Minister that primary producers and/or food processors in the Town of Gawler are currently receiving a marketing or trade advantage, including any price premiums, as a result of being a no GM food crop area. If you own an affected business, any additional information you can provide to Council relating to the impact of the GM crop moratorium, either positively or negatively, on the marketing or trade of your business would be helpful for Council.

The information you supply in any formal written submission will be made publicly available, however your contact details will remain confidential. Should Council decide to submit an application, all details will be provided to the Minister.

If you have any questions please contact Jane Strange, Senior Development and Strategic Policy Officer at the Town of Gawler on 8522 0134.

Community Consultation - Genetically Modified Crops Legislation

Community Survey Form - Printable Version